Open source. Trello like kanban board. Tasks, to-dos, chat, etc.

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To Do List Printer

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Print your Restyaboards

Latest version of Restyaboard is v0.6.


[Image: Trello]Trello

[Image: Restyaboard]Restyaboard
  • Instant add
  • Access many cards at same time
  • Diff, Revisions and Undo
  • Grid, List, Calendar and Gantt layouts
  • Offline sync - Use without internet
  • Responsive
  • Nested Comments
  • LDAP Login
  • API Explorer
  • Chat
  • Mobile App
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Tech Stack

  • [Image: JavaPlay]Java Play!
  • [Image: Node]Node.js - Express
  • [Image: Python - Bottle framework]Python - Bottle framework
  • [Image: Php]PHP - R framework
  • [Image: .Net].Net


  • Pre-alpha
  • Pre-alpha
  • Pre-alpha
  • Beta
  • Pre-alpha

Mobile App


Single unified notifier app to track many Restyaboards.

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Amazon Echo Integration

[Image: Amazon Echo]
Access your Restyaboard notifications through Amazon Echo. This Restyaboard Alexa Skill is developed using AWS Lambda. You will need to login to Restyaboard in Amazon Alexa Android App.

Integrations and Work flow automation

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Restyaboard Apps
New Apps available under Free and Paid category

  • [Image: Import from GitHub] GitHub
  • [Image: Collaborate/TogetherJS] TogetherJS
  • [Image: Post my comments to Slack] Slack
  • [Image: Theming/CSSilize] CSSilize
  • [Image: Zapier Connect] Zapier
  • [Image: Hide Card ID] Hide Card Id

Open source


Books on Restyaboard


Awesome support

We offer complete commercial support for Restya stack. If you want to migrate any bloatwares, we may help you with that.

Awesome Community

Open source, almost instant bug fixes, enhancements, help supports… everything in friendly manner

Awesome Commercial Training

Training for how to use Restyaboard, how to maximize productivity and how to save cost by adopting open source technologies

Awesome Onsite Support

Migrate any bloatware to Restya stack. High performance architecture and performance optimization. Our technical team provides support at your premise.

Awesome Enterprise Support

Never look back. Our awesome support team provides instant chat support and almost instant solutions for any of our customers' requirements.
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