[Image: Auto Archive Expired Cards]

Auto Archive Expired Cards

Enables automated archiving for expired cards.

Auto Archive cards


By clicking additional settings from the list actions, you can set up auto archive days as an expiry time for unused cards.

Features / Benefits

How to use

Easy and effective way to archive the cards without activity.
Easy but effective feature to manage the unwanted cards effectively.
Save the productive time by cutting down the time spending on unproductive tasks.
Easy access to the archived lists when needed.
Spending too much time on unproductive tasks like managing expired cards.
Lack of an effective feature to manage inactive cards.
An efficient way to set up an interval and to execute the archive function.
Allocating more time for more productive tasks by lessening other ones.

Installation Steps


1. Where would I find Auto Archive function?

You can set up the Auto Archive days by clicking additional setting from the list actions. You can select the appropriate time interval according to your requirement.

2. How could I use this effectively?

This simple is a feature to manage your useful time effectively. By using this feature you can simply move the cards that are inactive for a specific interval.