Features[Image: Trello] Trello[Image: Restyaboard] Restyaboard
Activities fetchWebSocketPolling (Better, for easy scaling)
Closed boards listing
Starred boards listing
Add board with predefined templates
Board stats
Board - Add members
Board - Remove members
Apps (Power-ups)
Filter cards
Additional settings (Basic only)
Archived items
Email-to-board settings
Board stickers
Board labels
Board labels color change
Close board
Change organization on board
Board grid view
Board list view
Board calendar view
Board Gantt view $
Board sync with google calendar
Subscribe board
Copy board
Starred board
Unstarred board
Import board from trello
Change visibility
Change visibility in boards listing
Activities difference between previous version
Change background
Change background - custom (Gold or Business Class Only)
Background image from flickr
Productivity beats Alpha
Show attachments in board
Offline sync - use without internet
Undo from activities
Create list
List color
Copy list
Move list
Subscribe list
Remove list
Move all cards in this list
Archive all cards in this list
Archive this list
Show attachments in list
Create cards
Instant add card $
Add cards & reply via Email
Multiple card view
Expandable card view
Card ID display
Card color on card list
Card action on card list
Card - Set due date
Card - Add members
Card - Remove members
Card - Add labels
Card - Add checklist
Checklist - Add item
Checklist - Remove item
Checklist - Convert to card
Checklist - Mention member
Checklist - Select emoji
Card - Add attachment
Move card
Copy card
Subscribe card
Archive card
Vote card
Share card
Print card
Export JSON card
Add comment on card
Reply comment on card
Remove comment on card
Nested comments
Card resizable view
Show attachments in card
Card history filtering
Button to delete all archived items
Card notification & highlight
Notification for card overdue
Login with username or email
LDAP login $
Social login (Google only)
Search $
Save search
Add a new email address
Notifications setttings
Permanently delete your entire account forever? (Admin can delete)
Organizations list on profile
Organizations - Add members
Organizations - Remove members
Organizations - Members change permissions
Create organization with types
Organizations - Sorting list
Organizations - Activities list
Organizations settings
Organizations visibility
Organizations - Membership restrictions
Organizations - Board creation restrictions
Remove organization
Roles management
Settings management
Users management
Activities listing
Email templates management
Keyboard shortcuts
Multiple language
List sorting by due date
Home screen
Custom fields
API explorer
Developer applications
Authorized OAuth applications
Apps Integration
Chat $
Dashboard Charts $
Estimated Time Custom Field App $
Canned Response App $
Auto Archive Expired Cards App $
Zapier (IFTTT like workflow automation with 500+ websites) $
Support Desk $
Card Template App
Import board from wekan
Website QA Checklist $
SEO Checklist $
Import from GitHub $
Slack $
Amazon Echo $
iOS Mobile App
Disable desktop notification
User configuration to change default subscription on cards and boards