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Sorry for this nagging form. We're committed to keep Restyaboard open source. But, we're also trying to figure out options to monetize our efforts.

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Installation Options

Free Installation

Free Installation New

Self-hosted version







1-Click Install







  1. Self-hosted version
    1.  I. Install script (Linux) Super Easy New
    2. II. Manual setup Medium skill requirement
  2. 1-Click Install (Amazon AWS AMI) Super Easy
  3. Build from open source For hackers
  4. Docker Restyaboard Easy
  5. Custom Anyone

Install script will automatically install required software


You may use wget for downloading: wget --no-check-certificate


If you face any issue, please open a ticket in GitHub and upload the created restyaboard_install.log log file. This will help us to track the issue.

Required sofware: nginx, php-fpm (with mbstring), PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch

Download latest "ready deployable" version. You can directly unzip and upload to your server—without needing to build with grunt.

2. 1-Click Install (Amazon AWS AMI)

With Amazon AWS AMI, it is quite easy to setup Restyaboard. With AWS Free Tier option, you may run it completely free.

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Micro VersionMedium VersionContact
No sample dataIf you want setup for other instance types or completely different system, please contact us. We may charge a nominal fee.
Search through ElasticSearch
Instance TypeMicro Medium
AMI restrictionMicro only Any, >=Medium
DescriptionAMI for micro. Has no ElasticSearch and no sampleAMI for medium. Has ElasticSearch, without sample
AvailabilityFree from AWS Marketplace

Due to AWS Marketplace's US entity restriction, we had to process it offline. Once you make payment, please contact us with your AWS Account ID. We'll then share this AMI manually. Please allow 24 business hours. Refund not applicable. Please try free version before buying.

Find your AWS Account ID


Build from open source.

Visit GitHub project page. You'll find simple build step there.

Step by Step Guide for Debian

Courtesy: JosepEscobar

For custom install, contact support


Configuring Restyaboard

Once you install, follow below steps to configure

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