Looking for the Best Trello alternatives?

While Trello is a superb Kanban tool, it isn’t perfect. With restrained capability and a loss of complete reporting, it’s now no longer the precise answer for maximum project managers.

Why You Need A Trello Alternative

  • Limited View Provides Limited Data
  • Not Suitable for All Departments: For example, your software program improvement groups could opt for Kanban boards for mission management, however, your advertising groups won’t be pleased with the Kanban software program. They’ll probably opt for a list-primarily based total tool for his or her projects.
  • Cannot Add Multiple Assignees
  • Managers Can’t Take Stock Of Their Team’s Workload
  • Not Built For Complex Project Management

17 Best Trello Alternative for Project Management

1. Restyaboard

Restyaboard is an all-in-one project management and collaboration software.

Open-source kanban board answer that offers board templates, records import, member control, tick list control, and extra.

With Restyaboard, you get an unfastened Restyaboard Alternative that gives team and project management, all of whilst catering to standard Agile frameworks. Restyaboard’s open-supply Project Management board specializes in minimizing the human interplay withinside the manner of Project Management, thereby raising the performance and accuracy.

Kanban tool for groups of all sizes, which enables importing, including boards, keyboard shortcuts, agency visibility, person permissions, calendar, and extra.

As an alternative for Restyaboard, his Project Management platform is one of all our best recommendations. Restyaboard additionally lets you be extra open to customers the use of the Questions tab, just like maximum easy projects and team management applications.

Here’s why Restyaboard is the high-quality tool you could have for all of your project management needs. 

  • Offers one single platform for team participants, managers, and customers for powerful collaboration.
  • An easy and smooth-to-recognize consumer interface with little to no mastering curve makes group onboarding less complicated.
  • Teams of all sizes, from any industry, any department, Remote, or Work from home can use Restyaboard to control work.
  • Timely project delivery & on-factor team accountability.
  • Provides ultimate control over teams and projects less complicated than ever.

Key Features That Give Restyaboard An Upper Hand Over Trello

Multiple Views 
Unlike Trello that gives the best special view, Restyaboard offers a couple of perspectives – List view, Kanban board view, Gantt chart view (timeline view), and additionally Calendar view so that distinct departments can change the project interface to shape their workflow preferences. 
Let’s take a more in-depth study of those perspectives. 
  • List View – The listing view is ideal for groups and folks that like to visualize their responsibilities and initiatives methodically. You get a smooth and clean manner of viewing your to-do listing and pass them to the accomplished degree as soon as you end the one’s responsibilities.  
  • Kanban Board View – Restyaboard’s Kanban forums work wonderfully to present you flexibility in assignment control. Users can drag and drop assigned responsibilities less complicated to get matters transferred quickly. Team leaders and participants can visualize responsibilities transferring through a couple of tiers to music the project development.  
  • Gantt Chart View – You can visualize responsibilities in a timeline view with Restyaboard’s Gantt chart software. Highlight the important direction and feature a bird’s eye view of all Gantt chart information from one area while not having to leap through initiatives. 
  • Calendar View – Restyaboard’s calendar view is the high-quality area to agenda and arranges your occasions, responsibilities, and milestones in a single area. Users can view all calendar information throughout all initiatives in a single area of the usage of one project calendar. 
Users can upload routine responsibilities and occasions, set computerized reminders, Select your calendar view from day, week, 2 weeks, or maybe a month, and agenda work suitably. 
Task Management
  • It helps you to create responsibilities and subtasks for smooth work allocation
  • It lets you assign responsibilities to a couple of people/Group of people
  • It lets you create routine responsibilities
  • It lets you create a couple of assignment lists in a project.
  • It helps you to upload time estimates to enhance group accountability.
Workflows & Kanban Boards
Restyaboard simplifies the manner you control your work by letting you outline a basic, 3-degree Kanban workflow or a custom workflow that you could edit to your personal as in line with your requirement.
  • It provides flexibility to the manner with custom workflow
  • It lets you connect documents, upload time and labels to responsibilities
  • It lets you combine workflows with the assignment lists
Gantt Charts
Restyaboard offers a Gantt chart that helps you to create a visible timeline for responsibilities to higher plan the initiatives, control assets greater efficiently, obligatory live-on music.
  • A clean view of assignment dependencies
  • Efficient making plans and scheduling
  • Highlight critical responsibilities with important chain

Discussions and Chat

Restyaboard makes it less complicated for anybody to have project-associated or and informal conversations withinside the workplace. It removes confusion by supporting you to remove the ones electronic mail threads.
  • Share opinions, updates, remarks or have informal conversations in Group Chat
  • Have real-time collaboration on dialogue topics
  • Add emojis to feature a laugh for your workplace communication
  • Email-in to be part of the discussions even if at the go
Project Calendar
Restyaboard project calendar facilitates you to control your scheduled occasions, meetings, appointments, milestones, project time limits, and different critical dates in a single vital area.
  • It facilitates your agenda occasions and milestones greater efficiently
  • It lets you create routine occasions to store time
  • It lets in you set computerized reminders for critical occasions
  • It helps you to combine and download your calendar


Restyaboard reviews offer you a clear perception of the way your initiatives are progressing and assets are being utilized. It facilitates you to examine your plan and iterate accordingly.
  • It facilitates to carry again initiatives on music
  • It facilitates to music the rate of the project
  • It offers a clear view of the way responsibilities are progressing
  • It facilitates to control to be had assets greater efficiently

Time Tracking

With Restyaboard, you preserve the music of each minute/hour spent on an assignment. It facilitates you to enhance its slow control abilities and generate correct invoices for customers.
  • It facilitates you to place correct time estimates
  • It lets you store time information in non-public Timesheets
  • It lets you begin a couple of timers and transfer among them as you leap from one assignment to the different
  • It lets you especially entirety in export timesheets for invoicing

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2. Wrike

Wrike is loaded with enterprise collaboration and facts control capabilities that may take your enterprise to a better degree. It makes coping with more than one initiative as easy as 1-2-three through supplying cease-to-cease answers for initiatives. There’s absolute confidence that with its strong work control and customization, you could extend your group’s functionality through leaps and bounds.

Why use Wrike as an alternative to Trello?

  • One hub for all of your work
  • User-pleasant navigation to hold matters instantly and dreams beneath neath your sight
  • Build reviews from scratch or edit in a click
  • Advanced safety features and controls
  • Live chat support

3. Asana

Specialized in workflow control, Asana is genuinely one of the pinnacle options to Trello out there. It comes full of a bouquet of gear that may assist groups to control obligations, facts, and methods effects. Widely utilized by small organizations, human beings are all praises for Asana that efficiently makes collaboration a breeze for group participants.

Why use Asana as an alternative to Trello?

  • Create and circulate initiatives ahead through understanding who’s doing what and when
  • Intuitive interface designed through Dustin Moskovitz, the co-founding father of Facebook
  • Customizable dashboard view
  • The easiest manner to song work and get results
  • Affordable top-class plan

4. LiquidPlanner

Both Trello and LiquidPlanner are intently associated with every difference as one makes use of the concept of forums while the opposite treats initiatives as dwelling constructs. Plans on this project control software program are constructed on priorities so that groups can consciousness on doing the work that topics the maximum. Big agencies like CISCO, Thermo Fisher Scientific use this Trello alternative to control their initiatives.

Why use LiquidPlanner as an alternative to Trello

  • Smart project schedules assist you to expect end dates
  • Instantly see the effect of aid availability on your backside line
  • Resource workload reviews
  • Effective at predicting and coping with risks

5. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a project control software program that is pretty powerful in making you extra prepared especially while you outgrow email. This alternative to Trello helps you to collaborate with group participants and customers. It is an easy however effective software program that may advantage your enterprise in lots of approaches with its healthy capabilities.

Why use ActiveCollab as an alternative to Trello

  • Advanced to-do lists and powerful project control
  • Track each minute of your work and invoice customers accordingly
  • Fosters group collaboration
  • The self-hosted plan additionally to be had

6. Clarizen

If you need to transport your company ahead then Clarizen’s collaborative project control is probably of a few assists because it gives a hard and fast of complete capabilities. You can create automatic and repeatable methods, indicators, and workflows and that is what makes it a first-rate Trello alternative.

Why use Clarizen as an alternative to Trello

  • Configurable workflows
  • Make correct facts-primarily based totally decisions
  • Share instant project facts thru dynamic reviews
  • Flexible and intuitive interface

7. Usersnap

Although Usersnap is mainly a worm-monitoring tool, it may additionally be used for project control, especially for net-improvement groups. It now no longer best tracks insects however additionally makes conversation quicker among builders, customers, and pleasant guarantee group participants. Collaboration turns into smooth with Usersnap on a single platform. This project control tool is a super match for IT groups, builders, and era agencies.

Why use Usersnap as an alternative to Trello?

  • Central vicinity to arrange your comments and gather worm reviews
  • Invite group participants to speak about and collaborate
  • Easy comments and approval process
  • Perfect match on your improvement workflow

8. Taskworld

Taskworld is a zen-like project control software program being hired through many agencies in each conceivable enterprise to song work, degree overall performance, and supply first-rate results. This collaboration software program lets you be conscious of overall performance, song obligations, and upload notes to them. The visible dashboard may be very eye-catching to the eyes and the interactive timeline will assist you in intent initiatives from beginning to end.

Why use Taskworld over Trello?

  • Create more than one obligation, set due dates, and display development with their interactive forums
  • Drag-and-drop capability in obligations, feedback, and messages
  • Keep a tab at the project of in entirety price withinside the development bar

9. Brightpod

Many virtual advertising groups use this net-primarily based total project control and time-monitoring software program to get immediate readability approximately their group’s initiatives, dreams, obligations, discussions, deadlines, and extra. If you've got some obligations that want to be prepared for, Brightpod assists you to do this instantly. Their platform gives an easy and visible interface that makes the mastering curve smooth. Brightpod has relied upon through many social media, net design, content material advertising groups in extra than one hundred ten countries.

Why use Brightpod over Trello?

  • Actively hold tabs on the fame of all of your initiatives with insights
  • Display lists and obligations as Kanban forums
  • Streamlined technique to a group conversation on all of the initiatives
  • World-magnificence web website hosting and zero-downtime network

10. Kanbanize

Kanbanize is a super Trello alternative that helps you to see your branch and business enterprise workflows at a glance. In this powerful project and project control app, you could effortlessly visualize dependencies and additionally create your workflow. Its portfolio technique to Kanban gives unrivaled transparency throughout an organization.

Why use Kanbanize over Trello

  • See the larger photo of what’s going on
  • Flow engine analytics make workflows predictable and reliable
  • Automate dependencies through effective enterprise rules

11. MS Project

MS Project is called one of the maximum strong project control software programs able to manage complicated initiatives with ease. If your project has complicated methods, it may efficiently cope with workflow challenges. Along with this, you could plan, collaborate, control, and record initiatives with a variety of ease with the assistance of the MS Project.

Why use MS Project as an alternative to Trello?

  • Effective aid control for shared facilities
  • More agility with drag and drop navigation
  • Emphasis on Kanban workflow
  • Advanced modules for complicated initiatives

12. Podio

Some project control structures are a manner too inflexible and rigid for positive industries. That’s wherein Podio can come to your rescue. Besides permitting you to customize your dashboard, it additionally offers you the possibility to pick out from several apps to tailor your tool to shape your enterprise desires. As it shall we customers create their apps, Podio works pretty properly for builders and software program agencies.

Why use Podio as an alternative to Trello?

  • Attach documents, view fame, and upload feedback to any project
  • With dependent methods, groups can work in sync
  • Podio’s balance and intuitive interface makes deployment straightforward

13. Fusioo

Fusioo takes away the want for more than one project gear to control your group’s workflow. It is an ideal tool for developing organizations to get prepared because it permits them to create their custom online database in only some mins and control initiatives, customers, thoughts, and timesheets in multi-functional vicinity. This especially low-cost project control software program lets you collaborate with each inner and outside target market inside a stable tool.

Why use Fusioo as an alternative to Trello?

  • Simple interface for selecting fields for each project
  • Real-time conversation and collaboration with the cap potential to view and touch upon obligations
  • Database backups are completed each hour
  • Application builder to outline what’s had to song and control initiatives

14. Quickbase

Quickbase is every other cloud-primarily based project control tool that lets everyone create higher approaches to work extra efficiently. It promotes smooth conversation by giving masses of group participants, associates, and customers a platform to collaborate and reap better degrees of productivity. As Quickbase works as a sequence of apps, so it’s especially customizable permitting you to apply it the manner you need.

Why use Quickbase over Trello?

  • Empower normal problem-solvers on your enterprise to show their thoughts into custom-designed apps
  • As situations change, replace your apps with real-time facts to advantage an aggressive advantage
  • Build insightful dashboards that liberate facts throughout groups to find possibilities on your enterprise

15. ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one project control and collaboration software program. Here’s why ProofHub is the quality tool you could have for all of your project control desires.

Key USPs That Give ProofHub An Upper Hand Over Trello

  • Multiple Views 
  • Task control
  • Workflows & Kanban forums
  • Gantt charts
  • Discussions and Chat
  • Project calendar
  • Reports
  • Online proofing
  • Time monitoring

16. Workzone

Workzone is the ‘just-right answer for plenty groups. It is extra stronger than the maximum of the entry-degree gear and much less complex than high-cease gear. Workzone has the recognition of being an easy-to-use project control software program presenting a few effective capabilities to assist customers to get their work completed quickly. It has superior reporting capabilities that force more efficiency.

Why use WorkZone as an alternative to Trello?

  • Dedicated workspaces and personalized To-do lists
  • Project dashboard offers visibility throughout the organization
  • Individual To-do lists consciousness everyone on what desires to get completed
  • Share documents saved withinside the cloud
  • World-magnificence purchaser support

17. Teamwork

Everyone consents that Teamwork is one of the simplest project control software programs to apply. You can use it to boost up your group’s overall performance through assigning obligations, communicating, and monitoring development in a single vicinity. Founded in 2007, Teamwork has brilliantly controlled to make a call for itself withinside the gift reduce-throat project control scenario.

Why use Teamwork as an alternative to Trello?

  • The visual and intuitive interface is a reduce above the rest
  • Brilliant for coping with all-length initiatives
  • Powerful and printable interactive Gantt charts
  • Ability to test everyone’s availability and development
  • Create project dependencies

18. Paymo

Paymo is a smooth project control software program that boasts a network of over 70,000 small agencies to control initiatives. Paymo is assisting groups to collaborate, song time, and control initiatives from beginning to end. That’s why its miles relied on innovative agencies, advertising, net design, software program agencies, departments, and freelancers from everywhere in the globe to enhance their overall performance.

Why use Paymo as an alternative to Trello?

  • Store documents for a project in a single vicinity so that group participants can get admission to them anytime
  • Keeps song of time spent on sports and use it judiciously
  • Gantt charts come up with an outline of the beginning date, duration, and cease date among obligations
  • Track expenses, generate rate quotes, and bill according to the patron, and receives a commission online

Ready to experience the simple, yet powerful Trello alternative?

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