Restya Board is a Trello like tool. It helps teams work collaboratively using Kanban Board for effective management of tasks, to-do list, chats and get more work done.

Mobile App

Single unified notifier app to track many Restya Boards.

Integrations and Work flow automation

Over 500+ apps and combinations. Through Zapier. Zapier is IFTTT like workflow automation service.

Restya Board Apps

New Apps available under Basic and Advanced category Extend Restya Board. Using simple Greasemonkey like approach, Restyaboard offers countless way to expand--widgets, user scripts, user styles, integration, etc.

Restya Board on Open source

Restya Google Group

Restya Board is available in GitHub

Friendly release notes

Amazon Echo Integration

Access your Restya Board notifications through Amazon Echo. This Restya Board Alexa Skill is developed using AWS Lambda. You will need to login to Restya Board in Amazon Alexa Android App. Note that this is a paid integration. Contact us to get a quote.

Restya Board Codenames

Starting from v0.6.6 (Modern Talking), all Restya Board versions are codenamed after legendary music bands, as a token of respect and appreciation.

Testimonial from Happy Customers

eMailPlatform is a SaaS for marketing automation with an intuitive drag'n'drop editor for designing newsletters. Combined with plug'n'play integrations for easy setup of...
We had initially looked at using Restyaboard to help us with tasks and projects for the IT team. We also have teams within the business whom started to use the system with...
We are very happy with Restya. Restya simplifies our project management so very much, its use is intuitive and aesthetic. That's just as important to us. Thanks also for the very great support.
RMT have recently gone live with Restyaboard (0.6.3) including three plugins "Elasticsearch", "Gantt View" and "Hide Card Additional Information". From an IT perspective...
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