Why is Restyaboard the best Basecamp alternative?

Restyaboard is one of the best Basecamp Alternative.

For some, Basecamp's simple and antiquated appearance may be appealing, but if you require more than a simple to-do list, try Restyaboard, the world's most highly rated productivity software. Basecamp, farewell.

Switching to Restyaboard is easy.

  • Automatic
  • Takes 60 seconds
  • Free Forever

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Restyaboard is more feature-rich and doesn't have any bothersome paywalls​

For true all-in-one project management, Basecamp lacks feature parity. Every team, from marketers to software engineers, may benefit from Restyaboard’s solutions. And they’re always free.

Why should you use Restyaboard instead of Basecamp?

Is Basecamp's basic feature set preventing you from using it? Take your project management to the next level with Restyaboard.

Closed boards listing
Starred boards listing
Add board with predefined templates (Bug, CRM, Gemba board, Kanban, Scrum, Todo)
Board stats
Board - Add members
Board - Remove members
Apps (Power-ups)
Filter cards
Additional settings
Archived items
Email-to-board settings
Board stickers
Board labels
Board labels color change
Close board
Change organization on board
Board grid view
Board list view
Board calendar view
Board Gantt view
Board sync with google calendar
Subscribe board
Copy board
Starred board
Unstarred board
Import board from Trello
Import board from Taiga
Import board from Kantree
Import board from Pipefy
Import board from Taskwarrior
Import board from Wekan
Change visibility
Change visibility in boards listing
Activities difference between the previous version
Change background
Change background - custom
Background image from Flickr
Productivity beats
Show attachments on board
Offline sync - use without internet
Undo from activities
List color
Copy list
Move list
Subscribe list
Remove list
Move all cards in this list
Archive all cards in this list
Archive this list
Show attachments in the list

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Research shows that users who switch to Restyaboard from Basecamp experience:

  • Less feature bloat
  • Easier onboarding
  • Faster load times

Why Restyaboard is the Best Basecamp Alternative

We’ve got more integrations.

Seamlessly connect your tools to Restyaboard with 1,000+ integrations—including email, cloud storage, messaging, and more.

  • Zapier
  • Asana
  • Airbrake
  • AmazonS3
  • BitBucket

Get the best view of all your work

  • List View
  • Board View
  • Calendar View
  • Gantt View
  • Embed View
  • Form View
  • Doc
  • Chat
  • Activity View
  • Mind Maps
  • Timeline
  • Workload
  • Table View
  • Map View
  • Box View


    Import everything from Basecamp, with one click

    Keep all of your team's files and communication in one fully searchable place. Get rid of emails, cut down on meetings, and let your team enjoy working together.​​

    Importing your Basecamp data is as easy as 1-2-3

    > Import your Basecamp Board Exported File

    > Map your data

    > Sync your users

    Restyaboard has the features you need

    Easy Configuration

    Spend a few minutes setting things up and we’ll get out of your way

    Simple workflow management

    Workflows are linear and open. No need for complex transition rules.

    Centralized collaboration

    Everyone in your org can cross-functionally view info and progress.

    Restyaboard is a fast, powerful project management

    Create customizable workflows in minutes.

    Iterate features with Sprints

    Find just the things you care about. No coding required

    Track an entire feature. Not just a single user story.

    Uncover opportunities with Reports

    Restyaboard - A better way to manage everything.

    Tasks, reminders, calendars, to-do lists, for you and your teams - all in one place.

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