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Essential Features of Kanban Board

In a typical project management tools, you’d list of tasks, add comments or notes with more info, and check tasks off as they are completed. Things work a bit different in a kanban board.

Here are the most common features you will find in kanban board:

Move Kanban Cards Between Lists and Boards

In kanban board, we can change the placement of a card at any time—moving it from list to list or within a list (up or down). Also we can copy or move cards from one board to another.

With all this movement, you will sometimes need to look back at the path the card took. To do this, locate the card's activity stream, likely on the card "back" which you will find by clicking on the card.

Invite Individuals to Kanban Boards, then Assign and Subscribe to Kanban Cards

In kanban board, let we invite team members, clients, and others to collaborate on a project. Each board has its own settings, including the ability to invite members.

When we add people to a board, they will be able to add cards, edit cards, move cards, leave comments or notes on cards, and add checklist and etc. They will also see the activities related to the board, so they can keep up with the project even if they are not a direct part of it.

Add Notes and Discussions on Kanban Card Backs

Kanban board include a description field on each card where we can add notes or comments and attach related files.There's also usually an area to hold discussions with your team. And if you write a description or leave a note, you can mention other members by @-mentioning their username

Adding Checklists or Tasks to Cards

Each card can have one or more checklists or task lists. For example, a card on your "Newsletter Campaign for Techno" kanban board might be titled "Preparing Campaign" and contain the following checklist:

  • Preparing cover letter content

  • Preparing relevant images

  • Finalizing design

  • Create draft campaign

Also card show a completed checklist percentage that goes up as you check off tasks, making it easy to see where you are in a process

Label or Tag Kanban Cards

Labels also called as tags. It depends on your board, add another level of organization to cards in a kanban list or board. If a card has a specific state that isn't covered by its position in a list, a label can be handy.

Labels or tags aren't applied across all of your boards. Instead, they're specific to each board. You can customize each board's label names and colors so they fit that board's workflow perfectly.

Put Due Dates on Kanban Cards

Tasks without due dates often don't get it done. So don't forget to set deadlines for your kanban cards. Just click the due date button and select the date when the task should be finished.

Then, your kanban tool will remind the assignee when a task is coming up or overdue.

WIP Limits on your Kanban Board

Limiting the maximum number of activity cards in the «to Do» column (referenced here as “WIP limits”), is a great feature to help your team to stay focused. Actually, this is an important feature for successfully implementing projects based on the Kanban methodology.

As explained here, WIP limits are essential to successfully implementing Kanban. Initially, it may not be easy to decide what your WIP limits should be. In fact, You may actually begin with no WIP limits.

But once you have sufficient data, you can define WIP limits for each stage of the workflow (each column of your Kanban board). Typically, most of the teams start with a WIP Limit of 1 to 1.5 times the number of people working in a specific stage.

In addition to defining the WIP limits, you need to also define how you will enforce the WIP limits. You may choose to either not exceed WIP limits or if you prefer, For special circumstances, you enable them to be exceeded, but perhaps capture the reason for why you are choosing to do so.

Restyaboard Codenames

Starting from v0.6.6 (Modern Talking), all Restyaboard versions are codenamed after legendary music bands, as a token of respect and appreciation.

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