Access your Restyaboard notifications using Amazon Echo. This Restyaboard Alexa Skill is developed by using AWS Lambda.

Features / Benefits

  • New, innovative feature that supports improving user experience.
  • Saves time and effort by reading out the notifications accordingly.
  • Helps to remain organized and uptodate in terms of notifications.
  • Perfect accent and tones for better understanding.

What do I Need?

A convenient voice activated AI assistant feature to make your life easy.

Help you stay updated and organized on notifications.

Ensures better accent and pronunciation, which in turn results in better perception.

Provide users total and intuitive control over what they have alerted.

Provides assistance for those who suffer from any physical disability.

My Problems

Lack of convenience due to traditional notification management methods.

Hard to stay in line with notifications with conventional methods.

Inferior accent and tones results in low user satisfaction.

Hard to organize and prioritize the notifications.

Less control over the alerts or Notifications.

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Amazon Echo app
  2. Contact us to get a quote.


1. Can I add card in a board?

The options will be added in future.