Canned responses are predefined responses to the most common queries.In the field of Technical Support, canned responses to frequently asked questions may be quick and convenient for both the customer and the technical adviser. Added this special feature, the operator can simply insert the canned response by selecting the same from the drop down menu without writing it over and over again.

Features / Benefits

  • Respond quickly and effectively to customers who may not have much time to wait more than a few seconds for a response.
  • Canned Responses save useful time.
  • Helps avoid silly typos and grammatical issues.

How to use

  • Canned response dropdown will be available on card comment textarea.
  • Select any of the canned response to post comment.
  • After select the canned response, It'll apply on comment textarea. And now you can post comment with that canned response text

What do I Need?

A much better and proficient feature to assist the technical support team.

A systematic, time saving and energy saving strategy that supports our efforts to improve user satisfaction.

Professional as well as personalized replies for appropriate persons within a quick time frame.

A feature that can help to boost the efficiency and accuracy of live chat representatives.

An easy but productive option to optimize our messages.

My Problems

High response time that keep the customers waiting for long.

Difficulty to handle more customers as you have to send the same replies again and again.

Low user satisfaction due to low response time.

Low efficiency and accuracy due to silly typos and grammer issues.

Difficulty in optimizing replies considering the users.

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Canned Response app e.g., directory: /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  2. Goto Restyaboard installation root directory.
  3. Unzip the purchased Support Desk app within your root directory
  4. Give file permission to unzipped files located in client/apps/r_canned_response/ path. e.g., chmod -R 0777 client/apps/r_canned_response/
  5. Finally, clear the browser cache, and login again, to view the installed Canned Response app on your Restyaboard.