With the Card Aging app, you can easily see which cards on your board haven't been used in a while. You can see which cards and initiatives have fallen by the wayside and need to be archived or need a status report as cards fade (Regular mode) or (Pirate mode), ensuring that the boards remain important and up-to-date.

Features / Benefits

  • At a glance, see how active (or inactive) Restyaboard cards are.
  • You can view the cards which are inactive in 1, 2, and 4 weeks easily with regular mode or pirate mode.
  • Saves a lot of time and effort as there is no need to check each card's activity.

How to use

  • Before enabling the card aging app, you will not be able to easily check which cards are active and which cards are inactive.
  • Just click the enabled button to enable the Card Aging app.
  • On the Card Aging app settings page, you can choose if you want to view the card's inactivity in regular mode or private mode.

What do I Need?

We can easily view which cards are active and inactive at a glance.

Ease of customization of cards in such a way you want others to see it.

Ensure performance by viewing which cards are inactive in 1, 2, and 4 weeks.

My Problems

Feature to view the inactive cards and active cards.

Unable to differentiate the cards which are inactive in 1, 2, and 4 weeks.

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Card Aging app
  2. Goto Restyaboard installation App folder in root directory. e.g., directory: /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/client/apps
  3. Unzip the purchased Card Aging app into your App folder in root directory
  4. Open a command prompt in the /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/client/apps/r_card_aging/ path and give the executable permission to the shell file e.g., chmod +x
  5. Run the shell script file. e.g., ./
  6. Configure Card Aging on http://{YOUR_SERVER_NAME}/#/apps/r_card_aging path in your Restyaboard server.
  7. Clear the browser cache, login again to create board with Card Aging app.

Installation Video

  1. Installation of Card Aging app