Card Template is a pre-formatted template that serves as a starting point for a new card. With Restyaboard, users can create templates with necessary details like members, labels and description, etc.. Using a Card Template means you don't have to recreate your card each time you want to make a new one. It allows the user to reuse the same information for other cards simply by selecting the predefined card templates.

Features / Benefits

  • Templates can be distributed within the groups, members and partners, minimising the time and energy.
  • You can easily copy the template to reuse the predefined details in future projects.
  • When creating your own template, you decide what details to include - such as project description, labels, members.
  • Eases the burden on the project team as they help save time, effort and money.
  • Ensures the consistent data flow and assures that the critical information is captured.
  • By continuously improving your methods and updating your templates, your entire project organisation can benefit from your experience.

How to use

  • Choose any one of the Card that you want to create card template.
  • Click Create Template button, then select whatever you want to add in that template, enter the template name and finally click save button.
  • While create the new card, select settings and goto templates, and select that particular template as your wish.
  • Then click the add button to create card.
  • Members, Labels, Description will copy and assign to that created card.
  • Here it's the created card with template's members, labels and description.

What do I Need?

A predefined project template that helps the team members to recognize the methods, templates, checklists easily

Create custom templates and include needed informations such as description, members and more.

My Problems

Spend too much time to setup the same task for your team members for different clients

Spending more time on creating the same kind of projects with same structure of tasks

IONCUBE installation steps

  1. Download the ioncube by executing wget
  2. Unzip the IONCUBE loader by executing unzip and goto the ioncube folder by cd ioncube
  3. Check your PHP version by executing php -v
  4. Run the comand php -i | grep extension_dir and it will give the path to the php_modules
  5. Move your PHP version ioncube loader files to php_modules by running the command cp ##php_modules_path##
  6. Open the php.ini file by vi /etc/php/##PHP_VERSION##/fpm/php.ini
  7. Add this line zend_extension = ##php_modules_path##/
  8. After adding please restart the php by systemctl restart php##PHP_VERSION##-fpm and nginx by systemctl restart nginx

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Card Template App
  2. Goto Restyaboard installation root directory. e.g., /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  3. Unzip the purchased Card Template app within your root directory
  4. Give file permission to unzipped files which located in client/apps/r_card_template/ path e.g., chmod -R 0777 client/apps/r_card_template/
  5. Execute the r_card_template.sql in your Restyaboard database, located in client/apps/r_card_template/sql/ directory
  6. Clear the browser cache, login again to view the installed Card Template app on your Restyaboard.


1. Is it possible to create a card template using existing tasks?

Yes, you can create a card template by including existing tasks into it.

2. Is it possible to load 2 or more templates within the same board?

Yes, it is possible to load two or more templates in the same board.

3. Who can add/edit/delete a card template?

Anyone who have access to the board can edit or delete the card template.