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Card Template

Added the feature 'Card template app' which allows the users to create a template with necessary details like members, labels and description. Further, it offers the possibility to use the same for any other card which demands the same information.

Card Template


Introduced another productive feature that helps you save time by eliminating repetitive manual works. Card template allows users to create templates with necessary details like members,labels and description. Later it allows you reuse the same information for other cards simply by selecting the predefined template.

Features / Benefits

How to use

Card Template To get started with new projects more easily and swiftly.
Card Template A predefined project template that helps the team members to recognize the methods, templates, checklists easily
Card Template Create milestones and tasks to the templates.
Card Template Support your efforts to improve the efficiency by eliminating unproductive repetitive tasks.
Card Template Create custom templates and include needed informations such as description, members and more.
Card Template Improve the entire project organization by continuously developing the templates and project methods.
Card Template Spending too much time on similar tasks and projects
Card Template Streamlining the project in a better and effective manner
Card Template Spend too much time to setup the same task for your team members for different clients
Card Template Spending more time on creating the same kind of projects with same structure of tasks

IONCUBE installation steps

Installation Steps

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1. Is it possible to create a card template using existing tasks?

Yes, you can create a card template by including existing tasks into it.

2. Is it possible to load 2 or more templates within the same project?

Yes, it is possible to load two or more templates in the same project.

3. Does deleting a template remove it from project also?

No, deleting a template will not result in removing it from the project.

4. Who can add/edit/delete a template?

Anyone who have access to the project can edit or delete the template.