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Dashboard Charts

Adds charts with summary in dashboard, for easy filtering of Today Todos, etc.



Dashboard charts is the genuine display of specific tasks categorized under assigned or unassigned missions relevantly. Ultimately, it allows easy filtering of todos as per the allotted date and time.


In dashboard chart, Today, Weekly, Overall and Unassigned dropdowns are used to search the Todo, Doing and done changes. These searches are done with ElasticSearch plugin. For more about ElasticSearch plugin, click Here.

Features / Benefits

How to use

Dashboard A unique platform which displays the project milestones, tasks, assigned personal and deadlines in a graphical manner.
Dashboard Flexible work scheduling system that enhances the productivity by reducing the idle time.
Dashboard Manage and analyze multiple projects, teams, and individuals more effectively.
Dashboard A comparative graphical feature to analyze last week's performance with the present.
Dashboard Prioritize tasks and to set an eye on all phases of work.
Dashboard Real time visibility of project completion.
Dashboard Difficulty in organizing the tasks and task schedules.
Dashboard Spending too much time on gathering task updates.
Dashboard Unable to monitor the task progress and project delivery.
Dashboard Unable to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness accordingly.
Dashboard Hard to alert employees about the upcoming deadlines, allowing them to manage their time appropriately to complete tasks before or on the listed due date.
Dashboard Difficulty in bringing the entire team together at one point and sharing the information.

IONCUBE installation steps

Installation Steps

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1. Why do I need Dashboard charts?

Dashboard charts allow you to monitor, analyze the task schedules and progress accordingly. Moreover, it supports your efforts to enhance your productivity by reducing the idle time.

2. My Dashboard Charts is blank. How do I start?

Go to Apps→ Select 'Dashboard chart' from the drop up display → Add the list. For creating a card, click the '+' button at the bottom right corner

3. How can I mark a card as done?

As you created the list as well as the card, you can simply drag and drop the card into the relevant list.

4. Where would I find the progress of the task in Dashboard charts?

You can monitor the progress of the project anytime, whether it is still due or done.

5. Can I make edits to the tasks in Dashboard charts?

Yes, you can do all the possible edits like changing the status of the project, due date, changing the assigned person and more

6. Where Should I report a bug, or request a feature for future updates?

Reach us via the contact form in Restya.com