Chat now a days is a very familiar feature which needs no explanation. It simply help us send and receive messages instantly. Moreover, its contribution to project management is remarkable. Since the success of a project depends on the team work, the foundation of teamwork is communication. Chat helps to communicate effectively within the team members as well as with the clients. There is nothing complicated confusing, or time consuming, it merely supports the whole process painlessly.

Features / Benefits

  • Rapid customer support is possible through chat.
  • Convenience of usage for both clients and business.
  • Saved from time consuming, unwanted email exchanges.
  • Allows to communicate effectively within the team and thereby coordinating the whole team.
  • Easy to find older references without digging into older E mails.
  • Helps guide growth as many forms of data will be collected while chatting with clients.

How to use

  • Goto apps page and click chat settings link to configure.
  • After modify the settings you need to click the update button.
  • And click the enabled button to enable the chat app on your Restyaboard.
  • Now you can see the chat widget.
  • And also you can see the boards tab to chat with other board.
  • Click any board, and also click any user to chat each others.

What do I Need?

Monitor the real time availability of users.

Easy and highly interactive UI.

Possibility to chat with the members within a specific board by simply selecting it.

Real Time monitoring, messaging and getting notifications.

Chat history for future references.

Enhanced teamwork and coordination. Saved from complicated E mail exchanges.

My Problems

Lack of coordination within the teams.

Difficulty for rapid interaction with different entities like Management, team and customers.

Inability to get the right people on a single platform.

Lack of ease at monitoring customer issues in real time.

IONCUBE installation steps

  1. Download the ioncube by executing wget
  2. Unzip the IONCUBE loader by executing unzip and goto the ioncube folder by cd ioncube
  3. Check your PHP version by executing php -v
  4. Run the comand php -i | grep extension_dir and it will give the path to the php_modules
  5. Move your PHP version ioncube loader files to php_modules by running the command cp ##php_modules_path##
  6. Open the php.ini file by vi /etc/php/##PHP_VERSION##/fpm/php.ini
  7. Add this line zend_extension = ##php_modules_path##/
  8. After adding please restart the php by systemctl restart php##PHP_VERSION##-fpm and nginx by systemctl restart nginx

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Chat App
  2. Goto Restyaboard installation root directory. e.g., directory: /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  3. Unzip the purchased Chat app to your root directory
  4. Give file permission to unzipped files located in client/apps/r_chat/ path e.g., chmod -R 0777 client/apps/r_chat/
  5. Run the file located in root directory to install ejabberd on your server e.g., ./
  6. Configure Chat on http://{YOUR_SERVER_NAME}/#/apps/r_chat path in your Restyaboard server.

    Configuration details

    1. DB Host - Enter ejabberd's database host
    2. DB Port - Enter ejabberd's dabase port
    3. DB Name - Enter ejabberd's database name
    4. DB Username - Enter ejabberd's database username
    5. DB Password - Enter ejabberd's database password
    6. Bosh Service URL - Enter ejabberd's bosh service url
    7. Jabber Host - Enter ejabberd's jabber host
    8. JAXL DEBUG - Enter ejabberd's jaxl bebug
    9. Client Resource Name - Enter ejabberd's client resource name
  7. Clear the browser cache and login again to view the installed dashboard charts on your Restyaboard.


1. Is it possible to chat with a group?

Yes, to chat with a specific group of people you should select the particular board.

2. How do I get support?

Feel free to contact us through the Contact form in