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Adds easy filtering of cards. Useful when you have multiple boards



Elasticsearch can be used to search all kinds of documents. It provides scalable search, near real-time search, and supports multitenancy. It allows you perform and combine several kind of searches- structured, unstructured, geometric- anyway you need it. Start simply with one question and see where it takes you.

Features / Benefits

How to use

More elaborated, accurate and fast search feature to filter the cards.
A superior feature which is capable to function as well as combine several kind of searches like Structured, unstructured, geometric etc.
Something that can extend searching capabilities through the use of APIs and query DSLs.
A search feature that supports full text search, fuzzy search, structured search and more.
More scalable and flexible feature that supports multitenancy.
Less accurate, slow search feature.
Lack of full search capabilities of an open source product.
Lack of functions like full text search, structured search, Auto complete, Auto suggest, Fuzzy search and more.
Low flexibility and scalability.
Issues associated with multitenancy.

IONCUBE installation steps

Installation Steps

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1. How helpful is elasticsearch in Restyaboard?

Elasticsearch in Restyaboard helps you get more accurate results instantly. It is much useful when you have multiple boards.

2. Is it compatible with spell errors and broken words?

Yes, it supports supports full text search, fuzzy search, and more.

3. Will it support Multitenancy?

Yes it support multitenancy. And it can be beneficial if you deal with multiple boards.

4. Is there any predefined operators in elasticsearch?

Yes it contains predefined operators. And you can refer here.