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Export CSV

Export card details from a board as CSV

Export CSV


Export CSV allow users to get details of card from a board as CSV file. It also helps to document the particular details of the particular card. This basically is a power-up which is not a part of the core Restyaboard experience.

Features / Benefits

How to use

Simple and effective feature to get selected field details of card according to the requirement.
Easy and effective feature to manage the Specific details for cards effectively.
By cutting down the time of spending on unproductive tasks for getting the particular field detail for particular card , we can save the productive time.
Feature that supports exporting the card details in the form of CSV file.
Difficulty in finding particular card details.
Trouble with getting card details with particular fields, eg., Label, List Name, Card Name, Members Name, etc.,.

IONCUBE installation steps

Installation Steps

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1. Can I get Details of the particular card?

Yes, by using filter cards option available in the board header settings dropdown menu.

2. What if I need additional support?

You can reach us by using the contact form in restya.com.

3. Can I get particular fields of cards?

Yes, you can export the paricular fileds of the cards eg., Label, List Name, Card Name, Members Name.