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Gantt View

Adds Gantt view for handling projects.

Gantt view


Gantt charts simply represents the visual display of the tasks and the time associated with it. It shows tasks, task dependencies, task sequence and their progress in relation to the time assigned. It helps the teams to understand the influencing factors, reason for the project delay and it also allows them to implement adequate strategies to overcome the crisis.

Features / Benefits

How to use

A unique platform which visually represents tasks and timelines.
Real time monitoring of tasks.
Keep users on track, providing a visual timeline for starting and finishing assigned tasks.
Helps to understand the task relationships.
Keeps everyone on the same page and thereby reducing the possibility of misunderstanding.
Unable to communicate about task status, progress and more.
Lack of clarity around the tasks and deadlines.
Unable to monitor the impact of task progress on team as well as the project delivery.
Difficult to monitor the task progress in real time.
Unaware of task dependencies.

IONCUBE installation steps

Installation Steps


1. Why use Gantt view?

Gantt view helps you monitor the progress of the project in real time. It allows you plan and execute accordingly.

2. Can I request a cash back or exchange?

We can't refund or exchange the feature as you have already purchased it. We suggest trying the demo before the purchase.

3. Can you customize my Gantt view?

Yes, send your requirements and suggestions using the contact form from Restya.com