Access your Restyaboard account from your mail inbox and increase the productivity.

Gmail add-on installation on your Gmail

Features / Benefits

  • Saves time and effort by creating card with email subject as card title and email bodies as card description.
  • Using Gmail Add-on, we can add the card to any lists in any board of Restyaboard


  • The Restyaboard URL should be publicly accessible instance.
  • Please contact us and give us your Restyaboard URL and we will add it in the script.

How to use

  • Click any email to use the Gmail Add-on and click on Add-on.
  • Give the Restyaboard URL which you have account and click submit.
  • If the URL is valid it will lead to Login or it will lead to contact us page.
  • Now give your account credentials to Login.
  • After Login allow the add-on to read your email.
  • Now you can create the card with email subject as card title and email body as card description and we can create the card in any lists in any boards. You can also add the due date to the card.
  • Now after creating card with email details you can go to the card page by clicking View on Restyaboard button.
  • Now the card page will be opened on the new tab.
  • If you want to disconnect the account then click Disconnect Account button in the Settings and this wll lead to Login.
  • If you want to use another Restyaboard URL at the email after given one url,you can give the new url in Restyaboard Url of settings. Then click update button to use the new Restyaboard URL,If the url is allowed then it will be updated or it will lead to contact us page.
  • If you want to clear the given Restyaboard URL then click clear in the settings ,then it will ask you to enter the new Restyaboard URL.

What do I Need?

A convenient assistant that make your life easy by accessing your Restyaboard account from email.

Help you to never miss a thing from email by creating a card with email subject as title and email body as card description.

Provide users total and intuitive content over what the user email contains.

Provides assistance for those who wants to create card from email.

My Problems

Lack of time due to card creation for important work related details that are contained as email.

Hard to keep the information from email and write it down in the card as description or title.

Hard to assign due date for the cards which have the details from email.

Installation Steps

  1. Give us your url by Contact us.
  2. Purchase Gmail Add-on.
  3. Contact us to get a quote.