[Image: Gmail Add-on]

Gmail Add-on

Quickly create new cards on your Restyaboard boards without leaving your inbox.

Gmail Add-on


Access your Restyaboard account from your mail inbox and increase the productivity.

Features / Benefits


How to use

Gmil Add-on A convenient assistant that make your life easy by accessing your account from email.
Gmil Add-on Help you to never miss a thing from email by creating a card with email subject as title and email body as card description.
Gmil Add-on Provide users total and intuitive content over what the user email contains.
Gmil Add-on Provides assistance for those who wants to create card from email.
Gmil Add-on Lack of time due to card creation for important work related details that are contained as email.
Gmil Add-on Hard to keep the information from email and write it down in the card as description or title.
Gmil Add-on Hard to assign due date for the cards which have the details from email.

Installation Steps


1. Can I set up custom field for a particular card?

The options will be added in future.