[Image: Hangouts Chat bot]

Hangouts Chat bot

Quickly create new cards and add labels to the cards on your Restyaboard boards from Hangouts Chat.

Hangouts Chat bot


Access your Restyaboard account by interacting with Hangouts Chat bot and increase the productivity.

Features / Benefits


How to use

Hangouts Chat bot A convenient assistant that make your life easy by accessing your account by interacting with hangout chat bot.
Hangouts Chat bot Help you to never miss a thing by interacting with chat bot and creating a card,label and you can also subscribe to card.
Hangouts Chat bot Provide users total and intuitive content over by interacting with user.
Hangouts Chat bot Provides assistance for those who wants to create card ,label and subscribe to card through hangout chat bot.
Hangouts Chat bot Lack of time due to card,label creation and card subscription during interaction through hangout chat.
Hangouts Chat bot Hard to toggle between the hangout chat interaction and Restyaboard account.
Hangouts Chat bot Hard to assign label,subscribe for the cards which have created during the interaction between the chat bot.

Installation Steps


1. Can I post comment for a card in a board?

The options will be added in future.