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Import from GitHub

Enables importing projects and tickets from GitHub

Import from Github


Allows you to connect with external services like Github. Let you import repositories from the same.

Features / Benefits

How to use

An app which allows you to import your desired project directly from Github.
It saves more time as well as efforts as it can directly fetch datas from Github.
You can import the issues in repository to your Restyaboard.
Inserts every issue as a card in the list.
Creates default list for each board according to its status. Ie, new, assigned, inprogress, feedback or closed.
Lack of a potent feature to integrate with other external services like Github.
Difficult to import issues and to pull requests to a project board.
Spending too much time on unproductive tasks like set up an already created project.
Organizing every issues according to their status like new, assigned, inprogress and more.
Possible loss of data, lack of accuracy.

Installation Steps

Demo Video


1. How will the repositories display as they got imported from Github?

As you import the repositories from Github, new board will be created for each repositories.

2. How will you organize the repository users from Github?

Create users for each repository users from Github with a password 'restya'.