Helper app for the Kanban Printer adds the ability to print the list name and cards title from your boards on Restyaboard. Printing your cards title and lists name can make it really easy to manage both a physical and virtual scrum board at the same time.

Features / Benefits

  • Allow users to print list name and card title of their Restyaboard on sticky sheets by using kanban printer.
  • Help users to print To Do List. so, that users can have their physical To Do lists.

How to use

  • Purchase your kanban printer from here.
  • After purchasing, get this app and install by following Installation Steps.
  • You can't able to print lists name and cards title in seperate pages until you enable the helper app for kanban printer.
  • Just click enabled button to enable the helper app for kanban printer.
  • After enabling, goto any particular board page and select print, print preview will appear.
  • Please select the Kanban printer name from list of printer names in the print preview options.
  • After selecting the kanban printer, the following preview will appear which will print every list name and card name of the board.
  • List name print preview
  • Card name print preview
  • Now, print using kanban printer
  • Demo URL:

    Username: user

    Password: restya

    Username: admin

    Password: restya

My Problems

Trouble with printing in the normal printer by consuming ink or tones.

Difficulty in printing the large amount of information in short range of time.

Trouble with the sharing of printing details and re-printing of same information.

Difficulty in handling normal printer.

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Kanban Printer app from here.
  2. Goto Restyaboard installation root directory. e.g., directory: /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  3. Unzip the purchased Kanban Printer app within your root directory
  4. Give file permission to unzipped files located in client/apps/r_kanban_printer/ path. e.g., chmod -R 0777 client/apps/r_kanban_printer/
  5. Then clear the browser cache and login again to view the installed Kanban printer helper app on your Restyaboard.