This app enables you to connect Restyaboard from your Nextcloud and alert users on any changes to cards via notification. Users can also search for the particular card from the Restyaboard on Nextcloud.

Features / Benefits

  • Allows you to view and manage the notifications on your Restyaboard in a single platform.
  • Nextcloud simplifies communication.
  • Help saves time and effort by bringing all the cards together through a unified search.


How to use

  • Click the Link Nextcloud app in the footer apps list.
  • Click Connect With the Nextcloud button in the modal, the modal card will be opened for connecting Nextcloud app to the Restyaboard.
  • Login with your user credentials and allow Nextcloud app to access your Restyaboard account.
  • Allow the Nextcloud app to access the Restyaboard and it will return the access token to connect the Nextcloud app with Restyaboard.

My Problems

Lack of time in managing the notification for important work-related details that are assigned to the users.

Difficult to manage, access the cards from Nextcloud without delay.

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Link Nextcloud app
  2. Goto Restyaboard installation root directory.e.g., directory: /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  3. Unzip the purchased Nextcloud app to your root directory
  4. Open the command prompt in the /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/client/apps/r_link_nextcloud/ path and give the executable permission to the shell file, chmod +x
  5. Run the shell script file. e.g., ./
  6. Clear the browser cache, and login again to view the installed Nextcloud app on your Restyaboard.