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Enables posting to Slack from Restyaboard



Slack allows you to view and manage the comments on your Restyaboard within a single platform.

Features / Benefits

How to use

Centralize all your comments into one searchable place where your team can discuss and take action on each.
Save time and effort by gathering all the comments at a single point.
Organize, Prioritize and Perform actions appropriately.
Help everyone find the answers they need without delay.
Simplify the communication, enhance efficiency.
Difficult to organize and prioritize the conversations, which may affect the user satisfaction negatively.
Difficult to manage, respond to all the replies without delay.
Spending more time and efforts on unnecessary, unproductive tasks.
Struggling with efficiency and consistency , possible manual error occurrence.

Installation Steps

Demo Video


1. Can I post comment for a card from Slack?

No. Currently user can able to post comment from Restyaboard and the respective comment will display in Slack channel.