[Image: Collaborate/TogetherJS]


Collaborate using Mozilla's TogetherJS



Collaborate/TogetherJS is a service that makes it surprisingly easy to collaborate in real-time. Using TogetherJS two people can interact on the same page, seeing each other's cursors, edits, and browsing a site together.

Features / Benefits

An efficient real time feature that allows users to collaborate together.
Ease to track activities in real time; see each others mouse cursors and clicks.
A powerful feature that improve the real time communication between users.
Clarity on ongoing activities through real time tracking.
Let users follow each other to different pages on the same domain.
users can chat with each other with familiar instant messaging.
Hard to track ongoing activities in real time; the mouse clicks and so.
Difficult to collaborate with others in real time.
Lack of clarity on activities happening.
Lack of proper communication between the users, which in turn benifit the whole process.
Feature that supports instant messaging, which helps you improve interaction.

Installation Steps


1. Can I chat with others in real time?

Yes, you can chat with others in real time. You can also perform an audio chat if your browser supports it.

2. Can I follow the other person to to different pages on the same domain?

Yes, the Co-browsing feature of Togetherjs allows to to follow the other person to different pages