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Website QA Checklist

Adds ready to use checklist template for performing QA on a website.

Website QA checklist


The purpose of this particular checklist is to provide a method of validation for web developers. This predefined checklist includes a set of well defined to-dos which may help you assure the minimum requirements set out in the Web Content Management policy (ref) and the Corporate Web Style guidelines (ref). You should aim to 'Pass' all three parts of the checklist.

Features / Benefits

How to use

A clear cut QA checklist to assure the quality of our web development efforts.
Simple yet accurate To-do list to bring out the best outcome for our web development project.
Reduce the time spend on unproductive tasks like creating to-dos, checklists and more.
Organize, prioritize and assign tasks to relevant members accordingly.
Successful completion of Web development project with 100% accuracy and quality.
Spending more time on un relevant tasks like creating checklists, to-dos etc.
Lack of precision- Missing certain to-dos as you create checklists manually.
User Satisfaction- relatively low user satisfaction due to unmethodical to-dos.
Difficulty to assign tasks according to its priority.
Struggling to complete the mission on time as you follow an unorganized set of to-dos.

Installation Steps

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1. Can I add start date or due date for the tasks in the Website QA Checklist?

Yes, you can add start date, due date, estimate and more.

2. Can I assign to-dos in the Website QA Checklist for different members?

Yes, you can easily assign taskS to any existing member.