It's a way to keep information and knowledge across Restyaboard instance. It allows you to maintain separate, common and boards related documentation in the Restyaboard. This wiki can be managed by users. Users can view and refer the wiki in the comment for other users for reference. Admin role users can create a common information wiki, which help to share common information in the Restyaboard.

Features / Benefits

  • Allow the user to create the sub-wikis.
  • Help users to manage the time of finding the board related information by providing the wiki pages.
  • Wikis support markdown format.
  • Support to refer the wiki pages from the card comments section.

How to use

  • Login as admin and goto theAdmin panel and click Apps option and click the settings option in the rightside dropdown of the Wiki for Wikis configuration.
  • Inside the content for the wikis management table, there will be list of wikis that are already added.
  • If there are no wikis, you will see the 'No Wiki available' message and you can add the wikis by clicking the Add Wiki button.
  • In the Add Wiki form you can add the details and the markdown support is available for wiki descriptions.
  • Add the wiki by filling the wiki name and description and submit the form by clicking Add buton.
  • The wikis will be listed in the wiki page which will be shown to the users by clicking the wiki button next to the organizations button in the footer.

What do I Need?

Easy and effective feature to manage the general informations for all the users in the Restyaboard.

By cutting down the time of keeping records for general information about the Restyaboard and to show the informations for all the users in the Restyaboard about the project in the Restyaboard or event.

My Problems

Difficulty in maintaining the general information about the Restyaboard to all the users in their Restyaboard.

Trouble with the completion of projects due to maintaining the information between all the users in the Restyaboard.

IONCUBE installation steps

  1. Download the ioncube by executing wget
  2. Unzip the IONCUBE loader by executing unzip and goto the ioncube folder by cd ioncube
  3. Check your PHP version by executing php -v
  4. Run the comand php -i | grep extension_dir and it will give the path to the php_modules
  5. Move your PHP version ioncube loader files to php_modules by running the command cp ##php_modules_path##
  6. Open the php.ini file by vi /etc/php/##PHP_VERSION##/fpm/php.ini
  7. Add this line zend_extension = ##php_modules_path##/
  8. After adding please restart the php by systemctl restart php##PHP_VERSION##-fpm and nginx by systemctl restart nginx

Installation Steps

  1. Purchase Wiki app
  2. Goto Restyaboard installation root directory. e.g., directory: /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  3. Unzip the purchased Wiki app to your root directory
  4. Give file permission to unzipped files located in client/apps/r_wikis/ path. e.g., chmod -R 0777 client/apps/r_wikis/
  5. Execute the r_wikis.sql in your Restyaboard database, located in client/apps/r_wikis/sql/ directory
  6. Clear the browser cache, and login again to view the installed Wiki app on your Restyaboard by login as admin.

Installation Video

  1. Installation of Wiki app