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Monday.com (Dapulse) Vs. Restyaboard

Activities fetch Webhooks Polling (Better, for easy scaling)
Closed boards listing
Starred boards listing
Add board with predefined templates (Bug, CRM, Gemba board, Kanban, Scrum, Todo)
Board stats
Board - Add members
Board - Remove members
Apps (Power-ups)
Filter cards
Additional settings (Basic only)
Archived items
Email-to-board settings
Board stickers
Board labels
Board labels color change
Close board (Archive Board)
Change organization on board
Board grid view
Board list view
Board calendar view
Board Gantt view
Board sync with google calendar
Subscribe board
Copy board
Starred board
Unstarred board

Import board from monday.com

Import board from Trello
Import board from Taiga
Import board from Kantree
Import board from Asana
Import board from Pipefy
Import board from Taskwarrior
Import board from Wekan
Change visibility
Change visibility in boards listing
Activities difference between previous version
Change background
Change background - custom
Background image from flickr
Productivity beats Alpha
Show attachments in board
Offline sync - use without internet (Mobile app only)
Undo from activities
Create list (Create Group)
List color
Copy list (Copy Group)
Move list (Move Group)
Subscribe list
Remove list
Move all cards in this list
Archive all cards in this list
Archive this list (Archive Group)
Show attachments in list