Please click the image for watching User Role to Board Role Mapper Plugin Installation.

  1. Goto your Restyaboard installation root directory. e.g., directory:/usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  2. Extract/unzip the purchased plugin zip into the Restyaboard installation path. e.g.,usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/
  3. Give file permission to extracted files. e.g.,chmod -R 0777 client/apps/r_board_role_mapper/
  4. Execute the sql file in client/apps/r_board_role_mapper/sql folder using the command psql -h localhost -d {DATABASE_NAME} -U {USER_Name} -w < /usr/share/nginx/html/restyaboard/client/apps/r_board_role_mapper/sql/r_board_role_mapper.sql
  5. After above process, clear the browser cache and login again to view the installed User Role to Board Role Mapper Plugin on your Restyaboard.
  1. For creating Board Roles, gotohttp://{YOUR\_SERVER\_NAME}/#/roles path in your Restyaboard server and in the content of the Users tab, list of boards will be listed with board roles in the user roles column
  2. Now, for assigning the roles , please click the one of the select option in the user roles column of the particular board