Restyaboard can be installed using the Docker Compose.

This document is a step-by-step guide that illustrates how to install the Restyaboard using Docker Compose.

What you'll learn

For automated deployment management instead of using the regular Docker commands, use Docker-compose.


Latest version of Restyaboard

Download sample compose file

curl -L -o docker-compose.yml

Modify RELAYHOST IP with your instance’s public IP address (refer

The default port is 1234, if you want to modify refer

Start postfix docker container (for sending emails):

docker run -d --rm --name postfix -e "ALLOW_EMPTY_SENDER_DOMAINS=true" -p 1587:587 boky/postfix

Then, execute the below command to install the Restyaboard in docker:

docker-compose up -d

Log in with the below-given default admin credentials

Restyaboard URL: http://{Server IP}:1234

Username: admin

Password: restya

Admin Settings: http://{Server IP}:1234/#/settings

For removing the Restyaboard docker, run the below command:

docker-compose down

Remove Postfix docker

For removing the Postfix docker for receiving mail notifications, run the below command:

docker stop postfix
docker rm postfix