Restyaboard is an open source alternative to Trello, but with smart additional features like offline sync, diff /revisions, nested comments, multiple view layouts, chat, and more. And since it is self-hosted, data, privacy, and IP security can be guaranteed.

Restyaboard is more like an electronic sticky note for organizing tasks and todos. Apart from this, it is ideal for Kanban, Agile, Gemba board and business process/workflow management. It can be extended with productive plugins

Today, several universities, automobile companies, government organizations, etc from across Europe take advantage of Restyaboard.

This document contains information about how to troubleshoot problems receiving email, how to configure external SMTP server, how to troubleshoot emails received in spam folder issue, how to troubleshoot email issues in Azure hosting

What you'll learn

In Restyaboard, emails are sent using PHP’s inbuilt mail() function which inturn relies on system’s mail server, usually, sendmail program on Linux.

Receiving emails in Linux based setup

Receiving emails in Windows based setup

Popular sendmail alternative for Windows

Multi installers to setup PHP on Windows that come with sendmail feature

Sometimes you may want to make use of external SMTP server to send mails. One popular approach in PHP ecosystem is to use mailer scripts such as PHPMailer and Swift Mailer to hook to external SMTP server. As Restyaboard’s original goal was to keep the codebase lighter and faster without any bloat, it didn’t include any of such script based solutions.

Postfix based approach to setup external SMTP (for Linux)

php.ini based approach to setup external SMTP (for Windows)

References related to external SMTP server

When emails are being sent from local machine and or intranet setup, most mail solutions such as Gmail may flag them as spam and will send them to spam folder. Unfortunately there is no good solution to handle this situation. You may however ask all users of such Restyaboard instance to set up filters in Gmail so that mails are sent to inbox instead of spam.

If you use external server hosting and still receive emails in spam folder, you may follow Google’s suggested best practices

Solving spam issues using SPF, DKIM and DMARC

Guides to assist in setting up SPF, DKIM and DMARC

Testing SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup

You may use below online free tool to test your report

If there are no problems reported, most likely the emails will be received in inbox.


By default, Azure hosting blocks all outgoing mails. So, even if you use Linux VM on Azure, emails won’t be sent.

Possible solutions for Azure hosting

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