Restyaboard Features


Import from Asana to Restya Board

You can easily import the existing boards from Asana to Restya board. Asana is a common software used in work and project management and is a cloud-based task management solution. You can instantly transfer all your existing work from Asana to Restya Board and start working even more effectively.

Import from Kantree into Restya Board

It is possible to import the prevailing boards from Kantree into Restya Board. Kantree is a flexible work management tool, which helps in planning, organizing, managing, and collaborating projects.

The Easy transition of work processes from Pipefy to Restya Board

Pipefy is again another tool which helps in controlling various business processes. Restya Board enables easy transition of work processes from Pipefy to Restya Board. We ensure a safe transition in this process of moving all the secured work from one software to another.

The Import board from Taiga

Taiga is a project management tool which tracks the progress of both simple and complex projects. Restya Board helps in importing boards from Taiga to its own software.

Transfer boards from Taskwarrior

Restya Board makes it compatible for the transfer of boards from Taskwarrior. Taskwarrior is an open-source and cross-platform software used for handling and tracking tasks.

Transfer from Trello to Restya Board

Restya Board makes it possible to move data and assignments from Trello, a list-making application in Project Management. The data can be conveniently fetched from Trello and secured in Restya Board for further usage and processing.

Data Migration from Wekan

Wekan is another open-source online tool which is very similar to Trello. Just like how we transmit data from Trello to the Restya Board, similarly, data can be migrated from Wekan to the desired stack in Restya Board.

Each project is managed in the respective board

The concept of a “Board” in Restya Board software is connoted to a “project”. Each project is managed in the respective board. Numerous boards can be created and managed simultaneously. The add board option is given to add any number of boards instantly.

Boards can be created with an existing template

There are no additional efforts required in creating and framing new templates, as existing templates can be used for quick and instant launches.

The Copy board option

The Copy board option allows you to duplicate as many boards as possible as per your requirement. A single board can be duplicated any number of times with different names.

Keyboard shortcut options are available

Keyboard shortcut options are available in order to perform actions such as Open Card, Addition and Deletion of members, voting, etc. These shortcut options make you work at ease with higher levels of comfort.


Create a digital platform with descriptions and classify projects

You may create a digital platform with descriptions and classify projects under this. This Organisation or Organiser is an immense boon and helps in sorting and grouping of projects. Each Organisation may indicate a specific client.

Edit Option

An edit option is available for editing the title, website, and description of the organization from time to time as per the changing needs of the client.

Attractive Interface

An Organisation is made up of several numbers of projects or boards, each board indicates a particular project being handled under the respective organization. An attractive interface is in place to view the organization’s boards and its members.

Organization Visibility

Organization visibility can be made private or open through a single click. The visibility mode can be changed, in order to make the organization visible only to the specifically chosen members or users.

Add member button

There is an add member button which will help you to search and add members to the organization. This is an extremely user-friendly option which would make your work more simple.

Removing member Option

There is also a remove member option which helps you remove members who are no longer required by the organization on certain grounds. This is another simple option that is made extremely easy for users to operate.

The Change permissions option

The Change permissions option is yet another useful function and feature of Restya Board. This helps in managing and changing the permissions of members of the board based on the project requirements.

The Sort option

The Sort option is available in the Organisation, which will enable you to do the sorting through specific dropdowns. Relevant Items that can be sorted are their name, time of creation, owner’s name, etc.

The Delete Option

The Delete Option is available in order to remove an organization from the Restya Board software permanently.

Board List

The Simple Board View

The Simple Board View helps you in viewing all the available boards on a single go. This is a consolidation of all boards with their card count and status.

Board Listing

Board listing is done with three different filters.The starred boards or the starred projects, which lists out the most prioritized projects. Secondly, the closed projects, which lists out and indicates projects that are already completed. Finally, the current and existing boards or projects are projected under the My boards listing.

Board Visibility

Board visibility can be made private or public. Predefined visibility modes are made available on the board. If the board is set in public mode, all users can access the board. If it is kept in private mode, the board can be accessed by the added members of the board or the board members only.

Board Grid View

Grid Format

The cards on the board are viewable in the grid format. A grid is a series of tile-like structures, where each tile in the grid represents a card on the board.

The Board List view

The Board List view allows you to see the cards in a list format as projected in the image. This is another viewing option for the Board and can be used based on one’s convenience.

The Calendar View

The Board is also given a calendar view with color variations, to make it appear highlighted and distinct. As shown in the image, cards can be seen in the calendar format, with the dates on how the project has progressed.

The Board Gantt view of the Restya Board

The Board Gantt view of the Restya Board has been derived from the Gantt Chart concept, which was proposed by Henry Gantt in the early 19th Century. It has the appearance of a bar chart which illustrates each project schedule.

The Report View

In a report Chart view, you can see a number of reports listed out on the board view. As you click on one of the reports on the respective card, you will be able to see a detailed summary of that particular report.

Member Addition

Members can be easily and conveniently added to the board through a simple search and add option. This can be done instantaneously by the main user/client, the moment he/ she thinks about it.

Member Invitation

Inviting other members to the board is also made very easy and simple. Just like how you invite followers to your social media page, similarly, new members can be invited by keying in their respective email ids in the allotted slot.

Board members list viewing option

Board members list can be viewed with their names, along with the roles and responsibilities they perform. This is enormously useful in understanding the SPOC for each project/ task, especially when critical matters have to be discussed and escalated.

Edit the visibility mode

As indicated in the features earlier, the visibility mode of the Board can be changed as and when required. The available modes are “Private”, “Public” and ”Organisation” each mode is defined by the viewership status given to it.

The Background of the board view

The Background of the board view can be changed by the user. Custom images or background colors can be added as preferred by the user.

Modify patterns and Textures

There is also an option of modifying and changing the patterns and textures of the board view. Kindly follow the reference image on how this could be performed.

The custom background option

The custom background option will enable the user to upload any image of his choice from his desktop.

Automatic subscription

Automatic subscription is given to a member when he gets added to the board. This automation is a new feature and configuration that has been added to the board, and you need not perform an additional manual task of subscribing members.

Productivity Beats

Productivity beats is the background music that is set while viewing the board. This music is played when the user opens the board.

Starred Board

Starred Board or Star Board/Boards are the boards that are marked as favorite, depending upon the board’s importance and priority. Once a board is marked as favorite, it automatically appears in the starred boards menu.

Synchronization of Boards with google calendar

The boards can be synchronized with the google calendar by just copying and pasting the board link in the appropriate slot as shown in the image.

Closed Boards

Closed Boards can be reopened at any time, whether it had been closed accidentally or willfully. As indicated in the image, once the board is closed it can be reopened again instantly through a click option just below the closed board indication.

Card Filtering

In order to filter the cards, the filter card option is available on the board view. Varied filter options are kept open at the disposal of the user who could filter the data or information based on various categories.

Board Closure

Closing the board is done through a single and simple click. Illustration of the same can be seen in the image appearing on your left.

Deletion of a Board

Deleting the board is done through a single and simple click. An Illustration of the same can be seen in the image appearing on your left.

Removing unused labels

This is an option to remove the Unused labels from the board. This is not just a temporary undo option, rather it removes the label from all the cards and deletes it from the history.

Deletion of all archived Items

There is a separate option that can be clicked and selected to delete all archived items. All archived list items can be removed from the cards without any trace of their history or existence.

UI subscription

A board can be subscribed or unsubscribed as needed and required.

Auto-subscribe to the Board

When a user is added as a member of a board, he's automatically subscribed to it.


Addition of new lists

Any number of new lists can be added to the board, using the add list option. Look up to the illustration for more clarity.

Duplication of lists

Numerous lists can be duplicated, created, and replicated on a board with the help of the copy list option. Look up to the illustration for more clarity.

The Move List option

The Move List option is available to move the entire list from one board to another. The “Move List” option can also be used to change the list position on the current board. Look up to the illustration for more clarity.

Exclusive color for each list

Each list or card can be given an exclusive colour for easy differentiation. List colors and card colors can be changed individually to highlight individual tasks and projects. There are a wide range of color options for this feature.

Subscribe to the list

In order to subscribe to the list on the board, the subscribe option needs to be ticked in as illustrated in the image.

Addition and deletion of attachments

Attachments can be added or deleted on the card or list. The list of attachments can also be viewed on the card or list, whenever required. The deleted attachments are permanently removed from the board.

Archive List

To archive the list.

Delete List

To remove the list permanently from the board.

Grid View

Grid view sorting is available, where the sorting can be done based on items such as vote, attachments, comments, etc


Unique ID number

Each card/task has a unique ID number. ID numbers will help in easy identification and this can be used as a distinguishing feature which can help you in sorting, filtering, and identifying.

Card addition

Cards can be added to the list of a board. Cards can be added through the normal/conventional mode

The instant add card option

The instant add card option is also available to enable the addition of cards on any board.

Card Copying / Duplication

Existing card or cards can be copied to the board and any number of duplications of the same card can be made any number of times

Movement of one card

A card can also be moved from one list to another list in a selected position. This refers to the movement of only one card at a time. For more clarity, look up to the illustrated image on your left.

Movement of all cards

To move all cards at an instance, an option or feature is made available. All cards can be moved from one list of the board to another list in the board. For more clarity, look up to the illustrated image on your left.

Edit card Option

Edit card option is given in order to rename the card and modify the description of the card. There are separate slots for the Title edit ( renaming the card) and the description edit, as seen in the image.

Assignment of members

For every card or every task/ project-specific members will be assigned in order to lead or head the project/ task, such members are often referred to as the assigned members. The assigned member gets displayed in the list /card of the board for the others to see and know.

Card Notification, highlights for comments, and Position Change

The user can change the card list position and apply highlights for another user, indicating that certain changes have been made to the card

The Card Viewing

The card can be opened and viewed in a maximized position by clicking “Ctrl+Click” button. The Card can be minimized after maximization and vice versa, as the user continues to work on the Restya Board software.

Easy Communication

As the cards are being added, you can easily communicate with the concerned person to whom the card has been attached through a single click mail option. As indicated in the image, there is a link below “ Reply via email”, which will enable you to write a mail to the designated person.

Card overdue notification

Card overdue notification message or mail is sent by Restya Board to the user one day in advance of the overdue. This is an automated message which is initiated by the Restya Board.

Use of Emojis

Checklist items can further be elucidated and supported by adding Emojis. Adding emojis as checklist items make it more pleasing for the users to interact with the boards and lists. This may also enhance the user experience.

Checklist item can be converted into a card

An item in the checklist can be easily converted into a card if so required. This conversion to card support is a special add on feature of the application.

Dockmodal Format

The actions drop-down is displayed in dockmodal format for a user-friendly experience. This helps in performing the actions within the cards

Markdown support

Markdown support is added to the checklist items. Markdown is a text to HTML conversion tool which helps users in structural conversion to a valid HTML or XHTML.

Card View

Holistic view

The card gives a holistic view of all its components. A detailed view of the card is given with its description, comments, labels, members, attachments, etc.

View more cards at a time

You can view more than one card at a time and this feature is known as the multiple card view.

View all members

Each card has a list of members who are working for that particular task or project. There is an exclusive option to view all the members of the corresponding card.

Addition of members

You may search and add members to the card from the board as per your preference. Members who are already present in the board can be identified through a search tab option and can be added on to the card.

Special Checklist features

Checklists can be created and maintained. Checklist items or checklists can be added to the board. Checklists can be copied from one board to another.

Checklist management

Checklist management is a reflection of the completed items in the checklist. There is a Progressive bar( an attractive user interface) which reflects the completed percentage of the checklist items.

The card cover image

The Card Cover image setting is for setting a background image for each of the cards in the board. This will help in the easy differentiation of different tasks.

Cover image to the respective card

Once the card cover image is set and selected, the cover image given to the respective card gets displayed.

Comments can be added to the card

Using a simple link, you may also mention other cards, boards, or users in any of the comments made. Emojis can also be added.

Addition of attachments

Addition of attachments can be made by using any of the following three methods- Through manual upload from the Desktop, by choosing from the dropbox, or finally by copying and pasting the link of the image in the relevant slot..

The Make Cover Option

The card cover image can be manually changed by clicking on the “Make Cover “ Option.

A due date can be set for each card

Each card represents a particular project or task and a due date can be set for each card. Once the due date is reached, the corresponding card with the completed due date gets highlighted automatically for further action.

Addition of labels to the card

There are features which help you add labels to the card and this, in turn, enables you in card filtering. The card labels added are the options that you feed in as filters.

Specific colors for labels

For each label that is incorporated in the filter list, specific colors can be given for easy differentiation. The colors of the labels can also be changed from time to time

The Voting Option

The Voting option is kept open for all cards. You may submit votes for your preferred cards through a quick click. The total vote count is also kept visible for the users to see.

Un-voting option

In - Un-voting option is also available as one of the features of the Restya Board software. The vote that has already been cast can be removed by the voter by clicking on the un-vote option. This also gets reflected instantly in the vote count that is visible to all.

Archiving all cards

By a single click, all cards of the list can be archived.

undo activity option

Making mistakes are common and unavoidable. You can undo any of your wrong actions by using the undo activity option.

The delete card option

The delete card option is available to remove the card permanently from the board.

Archived items can be moved back to the list or card

Archived items can be moved back to the list or card when there is a need to do so. This simple action assures you to retrieve any archived data at any point of time.

Favicon Notifications

Favicon is a shortcut icon which reflects all the notifications and notification count.

Notification count

Notifications basically enhance customer experience, providing useful information to all users. The activities performed by all users in the card gets reflected on the Notification count.

Nested comments

Nested comments are comments inside another comment. Nested comments are made visible on all the cards of the board giving the users an overview of all notifications at just one look.

Size of the card

The size of the card can be maximized or minimized enabling the convenient viewing of cards. This resizable view helps you multi-task on the boards and cards of the Restya Board software.

Replying to comments

The comments section on the card is made even more user friendly by having the “reply to comment” option for every comment. This will help you to have a fruitful and productive discussion for a particular comment made by the user.

Removal of comments

Comments made on the card can be removed if you have posted some comments mistakenly or if you feel the comment/ comments made by you doesn’t look appropriate.

Filtering of the card history

The Card history shows the activities and comments of all users on the board in sequential order when filtered. You may filter the card history activities and comments at any point of time based on certain preferences.

The tagging Option

When certain users are tagged and mentioned in the cards and comments, notification highlights are provided automatically to them. This helps in responding to messages and comments instantaneously.


Attractive Interface / UI Designs

Attractive Interface / UI Designs are created and managed for user’s profiles, cards, and settings. Having an appealing user interface design gives an amazing user experience with more urge to use the software application.

User Profile Cards Page

Attractive interface to view and manage user's profile, cards, and settings.

Introductory video

There is an introductory video that gets played to all the first time or new users of the Restya Board. The users get to see this video only once( as a new entrant)as it is not repeated several times.

The latest notification of the current viewing board

The latest notification of the current viewing board can be seen quickly and immediately. Likewise, every board gives you the option of seeing the latest notifications when you want to.

Desktop notification

There is a desktop notification given to every user. As a newly added feature, this desktop notification can be disabled considering the user needs.

Username Edit Option Is Available

Now user can edit the username on user's profile page.

The user interface design is mobile responsive

The user interface design created is mobile responsive and can adjust to various screens. The attractive designs done are easily viewable on different mobile screen sizes with content consistency.

Dashboards and Dashboard charts

Dashboards and Dashboard charts are provided for cards in progress, cards already done and for charts with TODO.


View and manage all user activities

The admin is given the authority and right to view and manage all user activities. This kind of feature helps to have a better control over all the activities of a user.

User login management

The admin of this software application drives the user login management. The Admin is given the liberty to view all users and their login statuses.

Management of all boards

The admin of Restya Board software can manage all boards. The admin can see all the boards and manage them all very effectively.

Activities/ Activity listing

Activities/ Activity listing is a feature of this software where the admin can see all user activities in one particular place. This helps in the easy consolidation of all activities on a single go.

Email Template management

Email Template management is done by the admin. All email templates are managed by the admin and sent to the users when they require them.

Site-related settings

All Site related settings are managed by the admin. These settings are often related to security, privacy, location, etc.

Role Management

The admin can manage and play different kinds of roles. He plays several roles; as a user, guest, administrator, etc

API & API Explorer

Restya Board API is exposed through oAuth2 and hence can easily be integrated with other systems. The API documentation and debug tool are available at /api_explorer/, powered by Swagger UI.

Import of LDAP users

LDAP users are imported by the admin by way of providing the necessary credentials details at the required place. The imported LDAP users are put under the Restya board organization.

The LDAP users’ login

The LDAP users’ login is handled by the admin. The LDAP user login is maintained as the same mail id or same username, by the admin.

The multilingual feature

This feature helps the admin to select a default language, and the user can select a language, as per his or her wish. Restyaboard is also available in the German language.

Integration of External Applications

External applications can be integrated and unified with the Restya Board software.

Revocation of connected applications

Connected third party applications can be revoked by the admin if he feels right to do so for business reasons.

The Admin Sorting Option

The lists available on the boards and users can be sorted as per the liking of the admin.

The Admin Filter Option

The lists available on the boards and users can be filtered as per the liking of the admin.

Role Management of the admin

The roles played by the admin has very clear distinctions between the users, individual boards, and the Organisation.

The Role setting Option

The Role setting Option has been given to the admin in order to restrict activities of users such as; posting of comments and subscribing to public boards.

Default Card Open Setting

For those who prefer to open the card in maximized view by default, they can set it in the "Default Card Open" setting/ option.

Search Option

Search Option for admin boards and user pages are available. This search option is made available as a search box for the admin.


Import from GitHub

Restya Board software gives you an option of importing from GitHub. You can import repositories, users, issues, and comments.

Connect to Zapier using Restya Board

Zapier is an online tool which is often used for connecting favourite apps and softwares. An access token is a security code or login credential which is available for Zapier Connection using Restya Board.

Link Freshdesk

There is an app listed in the Freshdesk marketplace to manage customer tickets through Restya Board software. The app provides the access token that is needed for accessing the Restya Board from Freshdesk.

Link Zendesk

There is an app listed in the Zendesk marketplace to manage customer tickets through Restya Board software. This app provides the access token that is needed for accessing the Restya Board from Zendesk.

Link Visual Studio Code

Restya Board has an extension listed in the Visual Studio marketplace to manage customer tasks through the Restya Board software. The app provides the access token that is needed for accessing the Restya Board from Visual Studio.


For Restya Board theming, website designing, or mobile app creations, the price/cost starts from 35 USD.

Hide Card Option

Hide additional information related to cards, such as Card creation date, Card creation user, Card ID, List movement date, etc

Grid View Configuration App

This app allows a user to change the visibility of a set of columns at runtime. It is configured by choosing the fields which need to be shown on the face of the cards.

List View Configuration App

This app allows a user to decide which card, columns/fields need to be displayed on the board list view page. It also allows the users to organize/ modify the order of the columns displayed in the list view page.


Collaborate using Mozilla's TogetherJS.

Gmail Add-on

You may access your Restya Board account from your mail inbox ( Gmail id) and increase your productivity. This feature ensures that you do not miss anything important in your project.

Hangouts Chat Bot

Access your Restya Board account via Hangouts Chatbot and increase your productivity.

Post Comments to Slack

Slack in a business communication platform enabling fruitful business-related interactions. You may auto-post your comments on slack for easy interaction with colleagues and business partners.

Amazon Echo App

Access your Restya Board notifications through Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant which can give you notification cues from the Restya Board software. Note that this is a paid integration and Contact us to get a quote.

Optimized for Android Mobile

Restya Board provides the ability to save a site bookmark to a device's home screen(the following are its features )

  • It has a unique icon and name so that users can distinguish it from other sites
  • It displays something to the user while resources are being downloaded or restored from the cache
  • It provides default display characteristics to the browser to avoid an abrupt transition when site resources become available.
  • It provides the “to- add” option to the Restya Board app on the home screen, on android mobile devices.

Auto Archive Expired Cards App

This is an App to automatically archive cards based on ages. This application is available through our app platform.

Multiple LDAP App

This is an App to enable users to login using their LDAP accounts from different LDAP servers. This application is available through our app platform.

SparkPost App

This App provides us with the real-time email metrics( Email count). This application is available through our app platform.

SAML / Shibboleth app

This is an App to enable users to login using their SSO accounts from configured Service Provider. This application is available through our app platform.

Card Aging app

This is a sample app to enable the option to view see which cards on your board haven't been used in a while. This application is available through our app platform.

Attachment Downloader App

This is a sample app to download all the attachments in the card as a zip file. This application is available through our app platform.

Codenames App

All upcoming Restya Board versions will be codenamed after legendary music bands, as a token of respect and appreciation. The default board background music will be changed to the respective band's wallpaper with the help of codename sample app.

Estimated Time Custom Field App

This is a sample app to utilize custom field architecture. This application is available through our app platform.

Groups App

This is a sample app to add users to multiple groups and the group users can add themselves to the board and the organization. This application is available through our app platform.

Spent Time Tracking App

This sample app is used to calculate the time spent on a particular task. This application is available through our app platform.

Custom Field App

This is a sample app to add custom fields for handling projects. This application is available through our app platform.

Broadcasts App

This is a sample app that allows admin role users to send emails to all the members of Restya Board, on important events. This application is available through our app platform.

Export CSV App

This is a sample app to export card details from a board as CSV. This application is available through our app platform.

User iCal Feed App

This is a sample app that provides an iCal feed URL for the logged-in user to sync with Google calendar or any other such calendar. This application is available through our app platform.

Insights App

This is a sample app that adds Insights for handling projects. This application is available through our app platform.

Wiki App

This is an app to add the document page in the Restya Board software, for showing the information given by the admin on the wiki app settings page. This application is available through our app platform.

Card Template App to Add Members, Labels, and More

This feature helps you save time by eliminating repetitive manual work. The Card template allows users to create templates with necessary details like members, labels, and descriptions. Later it allows you to reuse the same information for other cards by simply selecting the predefined template

Support Desk App

Support Desk App enhances customer support and functions as an easy support desk software. It also includes the support widget that captures support requests from users.

Agile WIP

This App is used to set Agile WIP for lists. This application is available through our app platform.

Card Counter

This is an app to show the number of cards on the lists of a board. This application is available through our app platform.

User Role to Board Role Mapper

This app is used to enable the admin to quickly set up user privileges by mapping user roles to board roles globally. This application is available through our app platform.

Canned Response

This app enables users to save time by eliminating repetitive manual work. This app enables the users to set up ready-made text comments on cards. This application is available through our app platform.

SEO Checklist

This app enables users to create a new board and imports readymade SEO checklist of essential SEO tips and tasks for any new website. This application is available through our app platform.

Task Move on Due Date

This is an app to automatically move cards to a configured list on the due date. This application is available through our app platform.

Website QA Checklist

This app enables users to create a new board and imports ready to use checklist template for performing QA on a website. This application is available through our app platform.

MyRestyaboards App in iOS store

MyRestyaboards app is available in the iOS store (Developed and Maintained by Apple Inc), and hence it is compatible with all iOS and iPadOS Operating systems. The iOS store allows users to browse and download the MyRestyaboards App. This MyRestyaboard Application is a single unified notifier app that tracks numerous Restya Boards.



XMPP based chat integrated. This will create chat rooms for each board.

Chat History

Board-wise and card wise chat history is made available through this special