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ActiveCampaign combines all aspects of email marketing into a single & easy to use platform. Seamlessly create beautiful & engaging emails, send them to your segmented subscribers, and see what interactions & reactions occur in real time! Email marketing remains one of the best marketing options for positive returns on your investment.


New Contact Update

Triggers when an existing contact details are updated.

New Campaign Starts Sending

Triggers when a new campaign starts sending.

New Campaign Unsubscribe

Triggers when a contact unsubscribes as a result of a campaign email sent to them.

New Deal Note

Triggers when a new deal note is created.

New List Created

Triggers when a new list is created.

New Campaign Open

Triggers when a contact opens a campaign message (will run every time a subscriber opens an email).

New Deal Task

Triggers when a new deal task is created.

New Campaign Forward

Triggers when a contact forwards a campaign message using the "forward to friend" personalization option in the email.

New Deal Task Type

Triggers when a new deal task type is created.

New Deal Added or Updated

Triggers when a new deal is created or existing deal is updated.

New Contact Note

Triggers when a new contact note is added.

New Campaign Link Click

Triggers when a contact clicks a link in a campaign message (will only run once for each unique link).

New Campaign Bounce

Triggers when a contact email address bounces from a sent campaign.

New Deal Stage

Triggers when a new deal stage is created.

New Automation Webhook

Triggers when an automation sends out webhook data.

New Deal Pipeline

Triggers when a new deal pipeline is created.

New Contact Added or Updated

Triggers when a new contact is added or existing contact's details are updated.

New Contact Created

Triggers when a new contact is created.


Delete Deal Task Type

Deletes an existing deal task type.

Delete Deal Stage

Deletes an existing deal stage.

Create Campaign

Creates and sends a new campaign.

Add Deal Task

Adds a new deal task.

Update Deal

Edits an existing deal.

Delete Deal Pipeline

Delete existing deal pipeline

Add/Update Contact

Adds a new contact, or updates an existing contact.

Add Deal

Adds a new deal.

Add Deal Note

Adds new deal note.

Delete Deal

Deletes an existing deal.

Add Contact to Automation

Adds a contact into any automation (just like a manual entry from within ActiveCampaign).

Add Deal Stage

Adds a new deal stage.

New Tracked Event

Adds a custom website or application event.

Add Deal Pipeline

Adds a new deal pipeline.

Add Deal Task Type

Adds a new deal task type.