Restyaboard Integrations with Allthings through Zapier

Restyaboard Integrations with Allthings through Zapier


allthings increases productivity by enabling better management and distribution of work within a team. People know what work they are doing, what they are doing next and when it’s due. Agile teams using Scrum, Kanban or similar can easily manage their backlog and sprints.


New Activity

Triggers when another allthings user performs an action on a thing or list you are sharing.

New Share Update

Triggers when a user accepts or rejects an invitation to share a list.

New Subscription Member

Triggers when new user is added to the subscription.

New Thing

Triggers when a new Thing is added to a list.

New Share Invitation

Triggers when you have been invited to share a list


Create Comment

Creates a comment.

Create Thing

Creates a new thing.

Create List

Creates a new private list