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Chargebee Recurring Billing is designed for service providers and subscription-based businesses of all sizes across industries. We offer exceptional customer support to help onboard you with the consultation of several use cases to ensure that your business finds the right solution that suits your needs.


Subscription Change

Triggered when a subscription is upgraded or downgraded.

New Subscription

Triggered when a new subscription is created.

Subscription Activated

Triggered when a subscription is changed from trial to active state.

New Invoice

Triggered when a new invoice is generated.

Subscription Cancelled

Triggered when a subscription is cancelled.

Failed Charge

Triggered when a customer payment fails.

New Charge

Triggered when a payment is collected successfully.

Subscription Reactivated

Triggered when the subscription is moved from cancelled state to active or in_trial state.


Update Subscription

Updates a Subscription in Chargebee.

Create Subscription

Create a New Subscription in ChargeBee.

Record Offline Payment for an Invoice

Records an offline payment (Cash, Check, etc.) for 'payment_due' or 'not_paid' invoices. The invoice status will be marked as 'paid'.