Restyaboard Integrations with CloudConvert through Zapier

Restyaboard Integrations with CloudConvert through Zapier


CloudConvert converts files betweens more than 200 supported formats: documents (PDF, DOC, HTML...), image (JPG, PNG...), spreadsheet (XLS, CSV...), presentation (PPT, ODP...), audio (MP3, M4A...), video (MP4, AVI...), ebook (EPUB, PDF...), archive (ZIP, RAR...)


Conversion Output File Available

Triggers for any individual output file of a CloudConvert conversion. The only difference to the "Conversion Finished" trigger is that this one will trigger multiple times per conversion for each individual output file, if there are multiple output files (e.g. PDF -> JPG results in multiple JPGs, one for each file).

Conversion Finished

Triggers when any conversion is finished on CloudConvert.

Conversion Failed

Triggers when any conversion failed on CloudConvert.

Conversion Started

Triggers when any conversion was started on CloudConvert.


Convert Content

Convert some File Content (e.g. a HTML or Markdown String) to a specific format

Convert File

Convert a File to a specific format

Save Website

Save a website (by URL) as PDF or screenshot image (PNG, JPG, SVG)