Restyaboard Integrations with Digital Ocean through Zapier

Restyaboard Integrations with Digital Ocean through Zapier

Digital Ocean

Digitial Ocean is simple, fast, scalable SSD cloud virtual servers that you can deploy in seconds for as low as $5/mo.


New Backup

Triggers when a new backup is created for the selected Droplet.

New SSH Key

Triggers when a new SSH key is added to your account.

New Droplet

Triggers when a new Droplet is created.

New Snapshot

Triggers when a new snapshot is created for a selected Droplet.


Create Droplet

Creates a new Droplet in your account.

Create Domain

Domain resources are domain names that you have purchased from a domain name registrar that you are managing through the DigitalOcean DNS interface. This trigger creates a new domain, with a name and IP address.

Add SSH Key

Adds a new SSH key to your account.

Create Snapshot

Creates a new snapshot for the selected droplet.

Power Droplet On/Off

Powers a Droplet on or off (via either a hard or graceful shutdown).