Restyaboard Integrations with LeadSimple through Zapier

Restyaboard Integrations with LeadSimple through Zapier


LeadSimple is a cutting-edge lead management system for the real estate industry. By creating a better sales experience, LeadSimple allows agents to improve contact rates with internet leads and close more deals, faster.


Changed Lead Assignee

Triggers when a lead is reassigned to someone on your team.

Changed Lead Tags

Triggers when a lead's tags are updated in LeadSimple.

New Email Open

Triggers when a lead opens an email you sent them through LeadSimple.

Changed Lead Stage

Triggers when a lead moves between stages in your sales process.

New Task

Triggers when a task is created in LeadSimple.

New Lead

Triggers when a new lead is created in Leadsimple.

Reminder Due on Task

Triggers when a reminder on a task is due.


Create Note

Create a note on a lead in LeadSimple.

Create Lead

Create a new lead in LeadSimple.

Update Lead

Update an existing lead in LeadSimple.

Send Notification To User

Send a custom notification to a user in your LeadSimple account.

Update Lead Stage

Move a lead to a new stage in your sales process.