Restyaboard Integrations with SuperSaaS through Zapier

Restyaboard Integrations with SuperSaaS through Zapier


Online appointment scheduling for any type of business. Flexible and affordable booking software that can be integrated into any site.


New Form

Triggers _only_ when a stand-alone form is submitted. If you want to trigger on a form attached to a user or an appointment then use the 'New User' or 'New Appointment' triggers.

New User

Triggers when a user (or superuser) creates a new user login on your SuperSaaS account

Change Appointment

Triggers when an appointment changes, including creating, deleting, and payment or waiting list status changes. Also triggers if an attached custom form changes.

Send Mail

Triggers when your account sends an email. Will switch off regular sending.

New Appointment

Triggers when a new appointment is created on a schedule

Change User

This triggers when a user is newly created, updated, or deleted, either by himself or by a superuser. It also triggers if a custom form attached to the user gets added or updated.