Restyaboard Android App

Restyaboard App - Provides an interface to respective Restyaboard instances through WebView. Plus, push notifications.

Restyaboard App Features

  • Push Notification
  • Connect Restyaboard instance


Manage your Restyaboard for Free.

How to

Connecting Your Restyaboard site to the App

You can access your Restyaboard from the app by scanning the QR code on your Restyaboard website.

When you first download the app, you will see the Restyaboard URL page. Add your Restyaboard website in app by providing the URL.

After entering the Restyaboard website URL, you will redirect to login page. Please provide Restyaboard login credentials.

How to use the app

There are major things you can do with the Restyaboard app. Here's an overview of each:

Push Notification

Get push notification alerts for user action on all boards of the Restyaboard website.

Simple Board View

The simple view of overall boards and their card count with status.

Card View

The detail view of the card with their description, comments, labels, members, attachments, etc.,