MyRestyaboards App - Single unified notifier app to track many Restyaboards

MyRestyaboards iOS App features

  • Notification
  • Connect multiple Restyaboard instances
  • Activities of all boards combined

Platform Supports

Currently iOS version only.


Manage 1 Restyaboard at a time for Free. Then for every new Restyaboard, pay $9.99 It is count-based and so users can free up credit by removing unused Restyaboards. Payment through In-App Purchases

How to

Connecting Your Restyaboard site to the App

When you first download the app, you will see the Restyaboard URL page. Add your Restyaboard website in app by providing the URL.

After entering the Restyaboard website URL, you will redirect to login page. Please provide Restyaboard login credentials and authorize with app.

Adding multiple sites

It's possible to manage multiple Restyaboard sites using the Restyaboard iPhone app. Once your first site is set up, you can easily add multiple sites to the app. In the main menu, you can see a plus icon in the middle right corner.

After clicking a plus icon you should repeat the steps "Connecting Your Restyaboard site to the App" to add Restyaboard site. Manage one Restyaboard site at a time for free. Then for every new Restyaboard, pay $9.99. Maximize with count based charge instead of domain based charge.

Deleting sites from the app

You can add n number of Restyaboard sites to your account. If you'd like to delete these at any time, you can do so from the app's home page.

To long press the Restyaboard site icon, it will ask you to confirm before deleting Restyaboard site. Click the "Yes” button to remove this Restyaboard site from your account.

How to use the app

There are a few major things you can do with the Restyaboard iOS app. Here's an overview of each:

Manage boards – Manage boards and other things within the app

You can manage the all boards within your Restyaboard site such as adding lists, cards, add members, etc..

Activities – View all Restyaboard websites activities

See all Restyaboard website activities in a single page and also filter it by website wise.

Notifications – View all Restyaboard websites notifications

Get notification alerts on home page for all Restyaboard websites.