A Case Study on Using Top Restyaboard Templates for Every Business
No matter how you see it, managing a business is not an easy task to do. Even if you are only starting, or if you manage only a few processes on your company, there are a lot of things to be tracked, and just one little mistake can cost you and your partners a lot of money and wasted time. This been said, the most important thing to avoid any kind of trouble when managing is the order, the most organized all your process are, the faster you and your team will work, and so the more profits you will see sooner.

Keeping order on what your business does is not so hard, and nowadays there are tons of tools to help you do this even easier. 

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Keeping a calendar is the first thing you want to do for your business to run properly when you do this, you can set deadlines and compromises so neither you or your team forget about them, the business calendar (The general process one) should be always visible to all members involved with its content.

Keeping a Calendar

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Then every department should have its own calendar of activities to be fulfilled.

If you want to keep track of your dates in digital, we highly recommend using tools like Google Calendar or Restyaboard as an agenda. 

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The Canvas Method Is Useful To

Recently there was a boom in the organizing tools and apps thanks to the release of Trello, where the programs are based on the canvas method for organizing process (Which is exactly what we are looking for).

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The use of this kind of apps allows you not only to organize your work

but also you can share information on real time basis with your team members, this is the greater advantage since it removes from the way the need to inform every member about the current state of the process. This reduces the time and energy you usually spend in sharing information by a lot.

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Tools Recommended

As we stated before, the calendar can be kept with Google Calendar quite easily, and your board of activities and process can be kept using Trello. 

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Yet for the sake of practicality, we have been using Restyaboard for a while. The main reason we can recommend using Restyaboard is the fact that you can keep both the calendar and the boards in the same app. It falls behind Trello when it comes to moderate the authority of the members of your team over the board, yet it allows you to keep track of all activities easier and also has the possibility to activate desktop alerts so you won’t have to be checking your email or anything while working.

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Restyaboard Templates

Restyaboard is a somewhat new app; still, it offers some templates that are of use for every business, so you don’t actually need to create your board from scratch. 

Next, we will speak about the three most useful templates you can find for your business in the Restyaboard system.

Is the first useful template you will find in Restyaboard, it is quite basic, and is completely based on the canvas system, here you will find you three basic columns (Lists of activities) “To-do / Doing / Done” As we stated before, it is quite basic, yet it is the best one if you are doing simple process and activities.


Every card should contain an activity for you or your team to do; this is not limited at all so it could go from preparing a budget to cleaning the working place, or buying Friday’s lunch for the team.

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The CRM template is destined to help you organize your sales department; it works by separating the sales process in these columns

“Initial Engagement / Potential Sale / Qualification / Probable Sale / Pending Sale / Completed Sale”

Of course, you can modify according to your business specific needs.

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In this case, the cards on your board will contain clients engaged from the first column activity and will be moved according to the possibility or stage of the sale on that client.

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The bug template is originally oriented to programs, systems, and software, but it is useful for your business if you have a way for your client to make suggestions (Which is highly recommended to have).

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“New / Feedback / Acknowledged / Confirmed / Assigned / Resolved / Closed”

This Template Is Organized the like This

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This way you have a total control of the problems noticed by the users, or if applied to other kind of business, the suggestions made by the clients which will result in improvement for your company. 

In this case, the cards will contain the reported issue or possible improvement and will be moved from one column to the other in the order in which they are taken care of.

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Advantages of Using Restyaboard

Using Restyaboard will guarantee an easier job. 

- You can manage your board like you
   do in Trello and keep your calendar in
   one app.
- Information is shared with your team
   on a real-time basis.
- Can turn on and off desktop
   notifications so you don’t have to
   check out the board while working.
- Members can do offline
   modifications and it will update once
   they get connected again. 


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