A Case Study on Using Restyaboard for Getting the Job You Want

The labor market has changed a lot the last few decades, back in 1990 it wasn’t hard to see a lot of people who had worked at the same company their whole life’s, yet, as time passed and the management of information became every day more important, and changing the way to things is now a normal part of the improvement process of most companies.

Having the ability to change your environment, responsibilities, activities, and competencies, has become every time more important to those hiring.

This been said, finding a new job is something we all have done once or twice, yet it probably took you some time to get it done last time you had to, didn’t it?

The main reason for this is that most people do this task randomly, not taking in count that, indeed, getting yourself a new job is a process, and as such, it will develop faster and better if you organize your priorities and focus on one step at the time.

Now, in this article we will teach you how to organize your end up A Case Study on Using Restyaboard for Getting the Job You Want .

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About Restyaboard

Restyaboard is a tool you can either use online or just download to your device, based on the canvas method for process organizing, which lets you check out other people’s non-private boards, to see how to organize your own, and also offers the advantage of keeping track of a digital calendar similar to Google Calendar’s on the same app.

When using Restyaboard you will be able to divide your work in lists (Columns) that represent parts of the main process, and fill those lists, with cards, that will represent movable blocks inside the process.

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This is your first step of the process, in this “To do list” you will keep track of all things that must be done before reaching to the companies you would like to work with, in here we recommend taking count activities like, updating your resume, checking that your social media is acceptable (remember that most companies will check out what you do on internet), print copies of your resume, and prepare a presentation email template to send your job proposal.

For the particular task of getting the job you want, you can use your board by structuring the next lists.

Your first Page!

Wish List Companies

This is your second column, here you will establish the companies that you wish to work with, let’s say your dream job is to work for Google, just put it right here, so if you find out any opportunity for small as it looks, you won’t miss it.

Interesting Positions

This column is your second guide, here you will establish all positions you find interesting, whether if it is on the newspaper, job search engines, TV recruitment commercials or what a friend told you. On this list, the cards will contain all information about the position, title them with the position and the company (Assistant editor – Gbooks S.A. for example) what you know about the responsibilities that you would have, numbers and email to contact, and any special requirements for the job.

Received Positive Response

Here you will start the movement, every card you contacted from the “Interesting positions” list, that had called you back saying there is a chance for you, will be now in this list, you will keep them here until you reach the opportunity of an interview.

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Almost last, you will move here all those opportunities that turn out in an interview, at this point, you will have to add the date of the interview on every card that you move to this list, also it will reflect on Restyaboard’s calendar so you can receive notifications on your email a few days earlier.

Pending Interview

Highly Probable Contract

This part is very personal, but we recommend to add this last column, which enlists all those interviews that went more than ok, this will show up your output, so if it is empty you can measure and check what you are doing wrong, so reserve his list for those companies with which all that is left is to close the deal.

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Now once you finished making your board columns, it should look just like this:

Keep in mind that every card can contain checklists, dates, comments, images, files and labels, so this way you can keep everything that is necessary for you to know and remember for each interview in the process, keep your resume in its card on the first column and keep track of all the opportunities at the same time, making the process easier for you.


As you have seen this far, Restyaboard is an amazing tool for organizing any kind of process, but here is a list of the pros and cons of its usage:

Advantages of Restyaboard

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- Can keep your canvas board and your
   digital calendar in one place.
- Makes easier to track opportunities
  and keep track on your development in
  front of each one of them.
- You can modify offline and it will
   update once you get connected
- Can remind you when a date is


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