A Case Study on Using Restyaboard to Support Launching of Your Website

Having a website has become quite important for most business last years,

Even when social media took most of the people’s attention, after creating a community

You will always need a place of your own for your community land.

Some people mistake launching a website as a simple task to be done fast, but the true success of your website depends on how you prepare your webpage’s launching so that you start with a solid base of followers that share your content.

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In this article, we will give you some tips on how to launch your website step by step and teach you how to use Restyaboard to ease the process.

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Steps of the Launching

Launching your website, do not deceive yourself, is a process, and as such you should follow some steps when working on it.

So next we are going to recommend you a few tips to reduce your financial stress drastically.

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Who Knows You?

Well this part is important, if a tree falls in the forest and no one listened to it, did it really sound? For this particular case, the answer is no. You will want people to know that your page is coming so the first step is to get the most accurate idea you can about who do you want visiting your page according to your niche.

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Prepare a Pre-launching Landing Page

You will want one of this, a pre-launching landing page is a nice place where you can talk to people about what your new site is going to be about (Also, when coming near to the date, we recommend sharing some golden pieces of content) and prepare people for your main launching content, which has to be the center of attention.

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Prepare Tons of Content

Most people wait until the page has been launched to start making up content, that is just wrong, the best way to proceed is to have one or two months with your pre-launching site, in which you will spend one or two pieces of content, while you prepare at least 3 months of content in advance of your launching day.

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By doing things this way you guarantee to have better content, and enough to focus your attention only on promoting such content at the beginning.

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Promote the Launching Date on Your Social Media

On these two months of preparation, you should create and feed (Just a little bit) all your page related social media, to create a community of followers who will know about your launch, and who knows, if they like your pre-launching content, might even share your links with their friends.

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Promote the Launching Date via Email

Just like before, you should make up some email list, as fit to your niche as you can, design and invite as many people as possible to visit your site, let them know about your new website. If you already have a website there is an advantage, you can use the emails you collected from the first one to promote the second.

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Use Your Circles

This project is probably important to you, don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family about it, you never know who will share your links in the right group of people.

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Respect the Launching Date

Finally and most important, is your launching date. Use that day to proof your audience that your page is worth it, on day one you want to share at least 3 pieces of content with your people, the main one which you should have been promoting all this time and two sidekicks on different themes, that will catch attention on those who may not be as interested in the main theme.

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Now when releasing your page here is some advice: Use unique content that calls attention. Check Google Keywords before choosing a theme. Schedule your content release so you don’t get lost. Interact with your audience as much as possible the first days. 

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Restyaboard is an online/downloadable app based on an organizing process named the canvas method, which also offers a digital calendar to schedule your work better.

This app will notify you when something has to be done and if you work with a team, it eases communication by using the board to see how things are going, so when preparing to launch your new website, Restyaboard can make your job a lot easier.

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A Case Study on Using Restyaboard to support the launching of your website is easy, but it still has its cons.

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- You can manage your board of
   process and track your   
   deadlines in the calendar on   
   the same app.
- Shares all information on a real
  time basis with your team     
- Can turn on and off desktop
- Allows to do offline
  modifications and it will update
  once you get connected.
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Restyaboard works as a board that contains columns/lists so the first thing we are doing is naming these lists after the parts of our process. 

A Case Study on Using Restyaboard

Since we are using a simple to-do list for our launching preparations we can use the “to-do” template that Restyaboard has available.

This will leave our board looking like the image below:
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Now, on the beginning, we will void the list of things to do we gave you before on the to-do list so this is the result you get:

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Also when adding dates to your cards, such as deadlines, you can be notified when the moment is getting closer, so your project develops fully and better.

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