A Case Study on Using Restyaboard for Structuring Your Social Media Management

Originally, having a good traditional advertising strategy, such as TV, Newspapers, Magazines, sponsors and Banners was the best way to sell off your services and products to the masses. Yet in the age of the internet, most of the people emigrated, their day by day attention to their social media.

In the early 2000’s most of the business advertising started to go via email, and nowadays most of the companies don’t even bother on having traditional advertising strategies but focus a lot of attention in having a well-established and faithful community of followers on their social media.

Why Social Media?

Well to begin with the fact that social media has become a part of most people’s life, the numbers don’t lie, according to www.statista.com, Facebook reached around 1.71 Billion active users every month by June 2016, while Instagram reached out to 500 million active users monthly on the same date.

That being said, almost 70% of the global population uses social media, and on the other hand, advertising this way is a lot cheaper than traditional advertising.

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Where to Advertise?

There are hundreds of social media pages and apps out there, and their main goal is to connect people with people, but as we are talking business here, you will want to have your community (Which translates into possible customers) in the places where there are more people.

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To have this done we recommend focusing your attention and content on these sites:

As we said before, Facebook is a monster when it comes to having active users, today is the biggest and most used social web available and your first goal is to create a community that follows you there, so you can expand to other pages like Instagram or twitter.

1) Facebook

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So, What’s the Plan?

Just like everything in life, advertising on social media is a process, and there are many ways to make this happen.

In this article, we are going to tell you, step by step, how you will be structuring your social media management with Restyaboard.

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This app will send you notifications when something has to be done and if you are not alone, it is great when it comes to working with a team, so whether you are starting up your own business, or doing someone else’s social media, Restyaboard can make your job a lot easier.

Using Restyaboard for structuring your social media management can be quite easy, but it still has its cons.

Restyaboard is an online/downloadable tool based on the canvas method for organizing the process, which also has a digital calendar attached to it.

- You can manage your board of
   process and keep a data calendar
   at the same time.
- All information is shared on a real-
  time basis with your organization
- Can turn on and off desktop     
- You can do offline modifications
   and it will update once you get


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The Structure

Now that you know what we are going to do, let’s explain step by step how we are structuring your social media management with Restyaboard.

Just as any canvas method based app, in Restyaboard you will create a board, that will contain lists (Columns), that will represent parts of our process, and these columns will contain cards, that will represent movable parts of the process, tasks or just actions to be done (Most of the time activities).

For this particular case we will establish our lists this way:

"Preparations / Content ideas / Content in process / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter"

So your board should end up looking like this:

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Now, in every card you can attach files, images, dates and/or comments, so in the first list (Preparations) we are going to create a card for every activity that needs to be done to start, like creating your profiles and pages in every social media you are going to use, getting yourself a profile picture and a nice written description of your business.

These activities should contain dates, so you push yourself a little bit on doing them, is important to have deadlines, if not, there are high chances of never getting things done.

On the lists of content ideas, and content in the process, you will attach cards with ideas of what to publish in your profiles, it can be images, information, contests, and promotions, basically anything that can drive your audience’s attention to you, and get more people to your community.

Once your content is ready, just mark a date for it to be published on your card, and leave it in the “content in progress” list until you publish in all social media.

To follow correctly your numbers once published is recommended to add a comment with the number of likes, and shares your publication gets, this way you will be able to measure what your actual audience likes the most.

On the last part of your board, there are your social media lists, the first card in each list will contain the actual number of followers in your community, and how many followers, likes and shares you got last month. This way you can measure and control how your social media profiles are growing.

Under that first card, you will add all active publications on that social media, so that you can copy most successful ones, and make new content focused on those ideas.

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 - Create a community, do not sell at
    once, and give out information, make
    your sites interesting to people, the
    sites main goal should be to inform, or
    entertain, then you can sell.

 - Be active, be responsive, share with
    your community, ask them questions,
    answer theirs, communicate with them
    in the comments, that makes them
    trust you better (So at the end they will
    buy what you, who they trust, offers)
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- Be careful of the type, quality,
   quantity and timing of your
   content, depending on where
   you are, and your target, there   
   are specific hours to publish, also
   posting to much is annoying to
   the users, and posting to less
   gives you no impact, most
   experts recommend 3 posts daily,
   3 or 4 times a week to start.

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