There comes a time in the life of every writer when everything gets mixed up. You start managing several tasks at once, write different kind of content and styles. In the end it becomes impossible to manage deadlines and decide on which story to work first.

A Case Study on Using Restyaboard for Story Writing

Imagine if you add a mix of several revisions, proofreading of your or other writers’ pieces of work, researching for new ideas and in some cases the process of self-publishing or submitting. How can one person manage all of it and at the same time do his job well? You might think the answer is “no way,” but trust your fellow colleague: there is a solution for that.

Try Restyaboard

Restyaboard is a project management tool mostly designed for teamwork and collaboration. Luckily, their big range of features make it a perfect tool for self-organizing and managing tasks on a daily basis. I am sure you’ve heard about several other project management tools like Trello, but Restyaboard is by far the best you can find on the internet.

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Using Restyaboard, even kids can create detailed, but simple in use, timelines for themselves. So why not to implement it to your daily work?

Try Restyaboard

What I like the most in Restyaboard is its visual view. Every morning, all you need to do is open Restyaboard and see everything you have to do neatly arranged right in front of your eyes! Let’s take a look at our example and see how everything works.

First of all, you have to create a board (Story Writing). The user interface of Restyaboard is so intuitive that it will take you just some seconds to be a professional of the app.

Each Board Is Made of Lists

They are the main resources for sorting your tasks. You can name them anyway you want, by month, week, project name or other ways we are going to discuss later in the article. The ones inside lists are called cards, which can contain all kinds of information including: deadlines, checkbox, images, links, videos or comments. They are perfect for storing information.

Try Restyaboard
Here are top three reasons why I use Restyaboard in my writing

Simple to Use and Fast to Learn

How many times have you opened a new organizing software and closed it in a minute as it was too complicated to use?

That will certainly not happen with Restyaboard. You will get up and running in a blink of an eye. It comes with a drag and drop function for moving things around. For example, if the task is delayed for one month, just drag it to a later date.

Simple as that. If you are working in a team, you can also select to see only the cards where you are assigned to.

When you are viewing the cards from the board view, it seems like not a lot of information can be stored inside. But have you tried clicking on it?

First of all, now you will be able to prioritize your tasks and chose the urgent one from your huge workload. If you are a visual person like I am, arranging projects by their priorities will certainly encourage you to start. Additionally, you can create reminders and keep a track of how many hours you spent each month.

Increases My Productivity

Once I tried using Excel for organizing my projects, but it was so annoying to scroll in 4 directions all the time. It is overwhelming for me when I see tons of tasks. I get discouraged and it is getting for me hard to focus on a specific task. With Restyaboard I don’t waste my time on wondering what to do next.

You can also achieve the projects you have finished so they don’t take the extra space in your brain.


Do you value the opinion of your friends and family? I certainly do and getting the feedback from them helps me a lot. Thanks to Restyaboard I am easily able to share my projects and their progress. I can also share each project individually so they don’t see all of the stories I am working on. This is especially useful when adding the client, right?

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Also if you are managing a writing agency or have writers at your disposal, you will be the one tracking their process and giving your professional advice. Both useful for you and your employees.

As promised previously, here are some other styles you can organize your work.

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By Month

If you are working on large projects, that’s what I would recommend to try first. Name lists with the name of the month and information about each book can be stored inside a card. Simple as that.

Style of the Book

The subheading explains it all.

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Based on Progress

If you prefer to work on several projects simultaneously, this can be a life saver for you.

Another one based on progress, especially useful if you are also a copywriter.

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