A Case Study on Using Restyaboard to Keep Track of the Cases By Lawyer
When you start working on your career you usually have to get used to a lot of procedures and process, well in the practice of law things aren’t any different, in fact, on the difference of working for a company, as a lawyer, you will have to deal with tons of process. Every case is different, every client is different, and the governments usually have shorter or longer process for every different situation depending on how deep the problem is. This being said, having all your process organized is crucial, especially at first, since you are working on establishing your name and gaining your clients confidence.
In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to attract new clients to your firm and how to organize your process so that you never miss a thing.

First things first, in order to have something to organize, you need to have clients, depending on your country, lawyers may be forbidden to use traditional marketing media, such as TV, newspaper, radio, or flyers.

Getting Clients

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Yet nowadays, no country regulates how you use your social media to develop your business, so the main tool any free professional or business owner has to start promoting his services is using social media marketing to attract new clients.

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What Social Media Is the Best?

Since you are a lawyer, you should probably think about getting an expert to do the social media marketing for you, but if you are just starting, it is ok for you to manage your apps by yourself for a while.

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With 1.7 billion active members, Facebook is by far the most profitable place to spend your time if you want to get new clients. Its system allows you to create fan pages, groups, and the add system is by far the best out there, since it strikes directly to your designated target. On the bad side of the story, Facebook is now limiting the number of times you publish so you cannot spam and will be sometimes oriented to invest in their ad system.

Next, we are going to show you what the best social media are for those who work with the law.

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Is based on pictures and short videos, so you have to be able to produce visual content in order to bright here, Instagram is a very active and currently growing social media, which will guarantee a nice amount of audience watching what you have to offer. On the other hand, as we said, this one is focused on visual content, so if you do not have the skills to create good content that appeals the eyes of your community, this is probably not the best for you.

Some of us are better talking than writing or designing, that is just true, and as a lawyer you must already have the looks, YouTube is a social media that allows you to connect with people thru videos, so if you are ok with being in front of the camera, just prepare some good content, get dressed up, and start making people know who you are. Sadly, the only way this works is by making videos, so if you are not the best speaker, or don’t feel comfortable with the camera, this is not the place for you.


- No one in social media likes to
   follow sellers, so stick to the 80/20
   rule, 80% of your content must be
   informational and only 20% offers
   the service.
- Is best to work with visual content
   that just writing, so get yourself
   some images at least every now
   and then.
- Using quote images is an easy way
   to make people feel connected,
   just don’t abuse it.
- Make contests make people follow
   you like “a free consult for
   connecting with three friends”.
- Following people is a fast and
   basic way to get people to follow
   you, not a bad way to start.

Also, to have a community around you is not something you get done by just publishing random posts, so here are a few tips on how to do it:

- Publish constantly, if you
  abandon, people will leave.
- Use the tags and hashtags with
   most movement in your niche.
- Be responsive, answer your
   people’s comments, and follow
   their suggestions if possible.
- Paying some Facebook adds
   every now and then is not a bad
- You are a lawyer, make your
   content about what your clients
   should know about your area of
   work, remember that they don’t
   need to know about law and
   process; they have you to do
   that. Instead talk about the part
   that they know and feel, if you
   are a business lawyer, talk
   about business, management
   and make them notice the legal
   needs of a business.

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Now that you have an idea on how to get clients, let’s talk about having your work organized, to do this we recommend using Restyaboard.

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Based on the canvas method for organizing the process, Restyaboard is an online/downloadable app, which you can use to organize almost anything; it also has a calendar (Similar to Google’s) that you can use to be more aware of your deadlines.

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You can program your Restyaboard so it reminds you of your appointments via email

so, as a lawyer, keeping track of your cases using Restyaboard can help lower the burden, but it still has its disadvantages.

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- You can manage your board and
   keep track of your calendar in
   one place.
- Can turn on and off desktop
- If offline, you can make
   modifications and they will
   update once you get connected.
- Shares information directly with
   your teamwork if you are not


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How to Use It?

Restyaboard works by creating boards that contain columns of pending activities, so the first thing you have to do is naming these columns after the categories of activities to be organized. For you as a lawyer, we are going to use the “To do” template that Restyaboard offers, and add an additional column which will contain your appointments, so it will look like this:

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Since every legal process is different, you can also create a board with dates for each, but the easiest way is to just put them on your to-do list, step by step, and label them with the process.

You see, cards can be attached to labels, dates, files and images, which can be helpful for reminding you about the state of every legal process you are working in by the time.

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