Restyaboard Testimonials

Big Vision Customs™ specializes in screen printing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Over the years we have tried different job management systems to help our team be efficient. As we started with spreadsheets and moved to specialized software and then moved again to, they all lacked functions we thought would be useful. As soon as I found Restya, I fell in love with all the Card Options, View Types and Administration of Users. We are able to manage everything in one place, and invite as many users as needed. Customers are impressed with the ability to see the Job Board and watch as their job progresses through the production process. Contractors are able to add their jobs and full details, with ease. The visual aspects of customization of the background is great, but the ability to see an image of the job's decoration design is incredibly helpful for our users. We often have to look at the image art multiple times, for color checking and placement checking, so having it right on the card saves us tons of time clicking around looking for images. I can't think of any features we would need, that isn't already there. But I know that if I do, Restya support and developers are eager to help. Overall we can't say enough positive things, and being Open Source Code, we feel we are doing the right thing by using software built by the people, for the people - and not just throwing money away at another private project/company that will only benefit them. Bless ya, Restya!

Matt, Big Vision Customs™

eMailPlatform is a SaaS for marketing automation with an intuitive drag'n'drop editor for designing newsletters. Combined with plug'n'play integrations for easy setup of automated flows we have a complex platform and our teams are naturally asking for a project tool helping us to stay agile and innovative with cross-department processes. We are using RestyaBoard with great succes for our daily SCRUM. Our bug reports and task management across boards between our customer and application departments are all handled with the help of RestyaBoard to our complete satisfaction.

Erik Madsen, Chief Product Officer - eMailPlatform

We are very happy with Restya. Restya simplifies our project management so very much, its use is intuitive and aesthetic. That's just as important to us. Thanks also for the very great support.

Zitronengrau Design

We had initially looked at using Restyaboard to help us with tasks and projects for the IT team. We also have teams within the business whom started to use the system with little to no need to train them. Being such an easy platform, it has been well adopted. In addition, the support has been great and very responsive.

Kia Motors Australia Pty Ltd

RMT have recently gone live with Restyaboard (0.6.3) including three plugins "Elasticsearch", "Gantt View" and "Hide Card Additional Information". From an IT perspective RMT did experience some issues with the installation process (linux) however they were easily resolved by our technical staff. RMT have yet to go through an upgrade so I am unable to comment on that process. Functionally RMT was a Trello user however Restyaboard has enabled us to internalise the security of information captured and manage the collaboration of information within the bounds of our company network. Restyaboard has provided easy import of Trello boards (like for like) with some post import user clean up required. Time will tell on the long term viability of Restyaboard to continue to meet RMT requirements however it is currently meeting all the "look and feel", functional and collaboration demands of the user base, making Restyaboard a good fit and good Trello replacement.

Greg Mlodawski (CTO – Risk Management Technologies)

I've been using Restya board for few weeks now to develop a personal animated short movie. This tool is extremely flexible and can be adapted to any kind of workflow. I firstly used it as a brainstorm tool, dropping all my references as new card, and dragging them around to make consistency in my ideas. In the same fashion I was able to build my story in a fresh board, making a new list for each step, stasis, trigger, climax, resolution. I'm currently starting the visual development, making images from my ideas, that's how I started to be more organized, making proper asset for each character, props, location. I guess this tool is mostly used by programmers but I like the idea that we all share the same kind of process with a different naming convention. As my project is going bigger I'm looking forward, see how I can manage a team of 2 to 4 artists spread around a world. But now that I have Restya, everything should be simpler.

Maickel Pasta

We use Restya board in Cyprotex to track work in progress in team Information System. We use Restya kanban board to accompany our lean kanban software change management process. I love the fact that I can create specific boards for each science teams to track their work more effectively. It is highly customizable with various extra plugins available, you can make it your own by mixing and matching plugins. Restya support team is helpful, informative, and professional. You can call or email them, they will communicate with you in skype too, and they have performed remote support and installations many times when we had issues on our site installation. 10/10 highly recommend!!

Radhakrishnan Ramachandran, Software Engineer - Cyprotex

As an organisation that's passionate about empowering communities to Get Things Done, we've been hunting for a fantastic cost-effective task management tool for years - Restyaboard is it!

What's impressed us is not just the care that's gone into building the software, but the fantastic assistance we've received from the Restyaboard team in setting up Restyaboard for our communities.

We're excited to be joining your community.

Great product, great support, great results.

Andrew Perry, CEO - Community Builders Pty Ltd

We are a managed service provider utilizing Restya to track multiple ongoing projects. We tried many Kanban style, open-sourced project management tools, and always came back to Restya Board. Other kanban style project management tools required more time and overheard to manage the tasks, than it did to accomplish the task. The fact that it is so easy to manage cards, tasks, and projects while being able to add a significant amount of information inside the card itself is fantastic. Nothing else compares when it comes to ease of use, intuitiveness, and aesthetics. Restya Board gets more use than any of my team planned on initially and we enjoyed it so much we developed a telegram bot to interact with it while away from our network.

Lyle Baumgaertner, Operations Director, KNO3 IT LLC

With Restyaboard now we can follow all task's along our company and know their state, schedule, priority, resources, employees. All departments use it to organize and planify their tasks. From the moment we installed Restyaboard our organization is more productive, organizes in new ways and has become more monitorizable. Technical assistance has been amazing. Restya is always listening all you got to say to improve Restyaboard