Nowadays, in the labor market, you must have very specific competencies in order to get the jobs you want. Companies are focusing every day more in how you manage information, how you process information and how you use it, rather than just expect you to have a college title.

But among all the competencies you could have for developing specific activities, companies are taking, now more than never, great count in the human competencies you may need to develop in their working environment.

Human skills such as teamwork, leadership, speaking, writing, organizing and of course punctuality are being taken in count as decisive factors when choosing among candidates for a position.

The main reason for this being that, how you develop in a working environment will affect how you and your partners develop your activities, this been said, in this article we will teach you about the three more important human skills that are reviewed when getting a job, and how to keep track of your appointments so you can improve your punctuality and order by using Restyaboard.

Three skills

The main part of your success in every company (Not for saying any place) you will place feet in your life is going to be by having good social skills, being able to connect and work with people properly.

The three more important skills to have, when we talk about the labor market, are going to be these:


Is nothing more than the ability to make people follow you, and actually leading them to the right place, the best way to improve your leadership is to understand that, it doesn’t mean to just give orders, but to listen what your teammates have to say, to know that people you are leading trust your criteria and your decision taking, and finally getting in your mind that all decisions have to be taken under consent, at least of the major part of the team. Besides that, a good leader has to be charismatic, have social skills, be a good speaker and a good listener, be able to negotiate and convince. This is what will help the team work better under a leader.


Another priority skill for you to ever be in a workplace is to be able to work in a team, nowadays companies aim to have high-performance teams on almost every task possible, so being able to follow instructions, pivot process when needed, support and carry your team members when needed, and being able to outcome any situation, is a skill worth having if you look for a job. To improve this is just a matter of resolution, you have to know you are capable, and aware of what those around you need or can be helped with. The thing about teamwork as a skill is that it will develop better the longer you remain on the same team because of the confidence created between members.


Punctuality, is the most important part of discipline, consists in doing what you have to do, at the time you have to do it, dealing with deadlines, appointments, and schedules is a basic skill you will need to have in order to even exist in the labor market.

To improve your punctuality we recommend a little programming exercise which consists in making small lists of things you have to do every day, the fact is that if you get used to accomplishing every goal, you will be programmed eventually to accomplish every goal.

Therefore this habit will spread to your working life, and improve the way you succeed in it.

Now that you know what the most important competencies are, we will teach you how to keep track of your appointments by using Restyaboard.

About Restyaboard

Restyaboard is an online/downloadable app based on an organizing process named the canvas method, which you can use to organize almost anything, this app also offers a digital calendar to schedule your appointments better. You can also use Restyaboard so it reminds you of your appointments, which can make your job a lot easier.

Using Restyaboard to keep track of your appointments can be really helpful, but it still has its disadvantages.


  • You can manage your board and keep track of your appointments in the calendar using the same app.
  • Can turn on and off desktop notifications.
  • Allows doing offline modifications which will update once you get connected.

How do you use it?

Restyaboard works by creating boards that contain lists of activities to be done, so the first thing you have to do is naming these lists after the categories of the appointments and activities you need to organize. For this case, you can use a template available named “to do” which works as a simple to-do list, and to this template you will add a column for your appointments so it will end up looking like this:

Keep in mind that cards on your lists can contain files, pictures, tags, and most importantly dates, which will allow you to keep track of your appointments better.

Remember to be disciplined, to be nice to your co-workers all the time, be aware of your environment, and always have a nice attitude.