One of the major reasons that a digital marketing campaigns can fail is because they are badly planned or disorganized. It can be too much to handle for a single project manager all the different tasks, requirements and deadlines. When to post a blog, write an eBook, design a landing page or to start email marketing strategy. Who can organize all of these?

These are sometimes a bigger challenge to the marketers than executing and planning the strategy. Moreover, sometimes it is hard to organize brainstorming, scheduling and coordinate teamwork. Especially with the rise of virtual companies nowadays.

All of these projects and tasks have to be divided into smaller ones to guarantee that they meet deadlines.

This is where project management tools comes to our help. I am sure you have heard about Trello, but what if I tell you that there are other tools like Trello, that are built even better.

Introducing Restyaboard

There are a lot of different ways you and your team can use Restyaboard for work and project management. In this article you can find all of the examples Restyaboard can help your agency and achieve better results for your clients. Read on to see all of them.

What Is Restyaboard?

Restyaboard is a high-quality application that is created for tracking and visualizing progress of the project. Using their card-based layout, project managers can create a card for every single task; blog posts, social media posts, new ideas and so on. After that, you can organize cards to categories and assign people to each of them. You can add descriptions, notes, comments, checkboxes, attach files so that everyone can contribute and everyone sees the progress. Additionally, all workers will be obliged to complete the task without any delays. No one wants to be responsible for the failure of a big project in the eyes of his co-workers.

New Collaboration Technique

As I just mentioned, Restyaboard is a great tool for collaboration between groups of people who work on the projects. Other Restyaboard members can be invited to add their skills and valuable opinion. Everyone can share links they use, data and resources they gather. Having all this information in front of eyes at every single moment is priceless. Just compare it to mailing, where tons of great ideas and tools are getting lost. You can even add your client to the board!

Another advantage for collaboration are “Due dates,” which are a must for any project. Scheduling and meeting deadlines have to be a priority if you want to satisfy clients with your services. If something changes in the strategy, no worries, you can simply change the deadline.

Personal Task Management

Restyaboard is also great personal project management. Are you an organized person with 10 notebooks to keep all of your different projects systematized? Or are you a disorganized person as I am? Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore. With the help of Restyaboard, I was able to solve my problems once and for all. I’ve experimented with several other different methods of organization – starting from Google products to using other applications. But Restyaboard is the very best solution I have for personal task management.

Sharing Post Ideas

Restyaboard is a great tool to have whether you prefer to work alone like Batman, or in a team like X-Men (Sorry for mixing 2 comic universes). In the application, you can store all of your own ideas so you don’t forget them, unless you forget that you stored them there. But if you have a team, that’s even better. You can start discussions and find new approaches to the problems. Restyaboard will help your teammates get your ideas to a higher level.

I worked in a large organization most of my life. An organization where other colleagues often suggest their own ideas that the project manager should consider for posting on social media or blogs. Finding Restyaboard was a lifesaver for us.


This comes in handy mostly for content writers and copywriters, but other departments of a digital marketing agency are free to use it as well. When the task is reviewed by several team members at once, the chance of a mistake is close to zero.

Designers will find a great use in it as well. I am sure you have been in situations when designer himself can’t choose which mockup or template is better. Add the full power of your team and vote for the best option. Make everyone involved in the selection process.

Finally, everything workers do, can be reviewed by the boss or the client before getting published. In digital marketing, we really have no room for mistakes.

Blog Creation

This application is simply perfect for planning a content strategy. You can have cards for each blog posts, batches of them, or store everything in a single card. The decision is yours, but I personally prefer to have them sorted separately. There you can add post topics, keywords, requirements for backlinks or anything else that the content creator needs to know before starting the actual writing. You can also mark your content calendar here.

Add Google Docs for the perfect combination in this scenario. After the writer is done with the article, he can share the link in the card where copywriters and other members can add their comments straight on the document. Or you can even co-write it with several writers. Google Docs also has proofreading and word count tools included to assist further in the writing process. Anyway, you can keep using Microsoft Word as well and upload files to Restyaboard.

You can also keep in the cards all the visual content that should be used with the blog post. That’s a much better option than including them into Google Docs, as they cannot be downloaded directly from there without exporting them to docx files first.

Designing Design

Designers are a crucial part of the success of a marketing campaign. They are who visualize thoughts marketing specialists. This is why it is essential to transfer those ideas in the most direct and comprehensible way possible. The design team can follow the discussions, brainstorming flow and understand how the idea came to life, and how they can show it to the customers.

Another important aspect of a good design is targeting the right market. A video game ad set using older people and plain colors wouldn’t work well right? Luckily digital marketing specialists are there to assist designers with their selection. This is especially true for web design. In the end marketing team is responsible for conversion rates.

Finally, this will organize designers workflow as well. Deadlines are always a priority! Always!

Email Marketing

This is one of the most essential tools in modern marketing. You can keep contact with existing leads, offer additional services to previous clients, target new clients, ask feedback from your current ones or many other important strategies.

I would recommend using a card for each individual goal of email marketing. Add the mailing list to the card, a text of the email, image, newsletter design or code so all of the assets are kept visual and are never lost. If the strategy works well, you can use it for other clients as well. You now have everything stored in their right places.

You can also give each card a date or overall treat like a blog post. Having everything kept in a visually clear and organized way will help your whole team to understand what is happening and have a plan for going forward.

Easy Application Integration

Restyaboard offers countless ways for expanding possibilities of the software. There are many essential applications and widgets already available for integration. And it is even easier than you might think. With just a couple of clicks you can integrate Slack, Zapier or Canned Response to your board. Be sure to check out the full list of available apps, but don’t get sad if your preferred software is not there, the list is regularly updated.

Feedback Can Never Be Ignored

Once you and your team finish a project of any size, ask them for a sincere feedback. They can always share what in their opinion went well, what didn’t work at all, what they would like to improve and what they would do in a completely different way.

This is called “retrospective” and is done for continuous improvements. While most of the companies prefer to take feedback from anonymous notes, asking team members to share their ideas on Restyaboard can work too. First of all, it is convenient if you have team members who don’t work locally and contribute from halfway across the globe. Moreover, seeing colleagues’ comments can open up shy people and convince them to add their opinion to the cause.

These were just several of all the fantastic benefits Restyaboard brings to a digital marketing agency. You are free to experiment and find the best solution specifically for your company.

Are you still not convinced? Try it yourself!