Have you probably already asked your family to help out in the house, right? But just telling them what needs to be done, especially to the kids is not always going to be enough. Most of the time, making the whole family collaborate in the housekeeping requires an enormous effort.

For this, there are some tools that can help ease the process of organizing your family activities. On this article, we are going to talk about Restyaboard, how to use it to organize your family activities and give you some advice when it comes to getting your children helping in the housekeeping.


Restyaboard is an app based on the canvas method that you can use to organize any kind of activities or process, it also counts with a calendar so you can schedule important activities as dates.

You can program your Restyaboard to tell you when a deadline or date for an activity is near, so this may help you accomplish every goal in time.


  • You can manage your board and keep track of your calendar in one place.
  • Can turn on and off desktop notifications.
  • If offline, you can make modifications and they will update once you get connected.
  • Shares information directly with your family members if you allow them to see.

How to Use It?

When using Restyaboard, you can create as many boards as you can to arrange activities or process, lists of errands or anything you can imagine that you need to organize.

There are two main elements when using Restyaboard:

The lists

Which are the columns in which you will organize your content, most of the time they represent parts of the process like the status in which the movable part of the process will be according to what you have done.

The cards

Cards are going to contain all information about the activity, or item that can move along the steps of your process (the lists). Cards can contain dates, tags, pictures, files and comments, so they have all you need to organize any sort of activity.

With this you know the basics, now, when it comes to organizing your family activities, we will recommend a very specific structure for your board.


Ok, we said specific, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be that hard, actually is quite simple.

To begin with, your board will have 8 columns, one for each day of the week, and then one column to include over time activities, you know, those that can be done some specific day of the month and only then. That list will be called “Events”.

In your weekly lists, you will include all routine weekly activities in a cycle, so you won’t touch this part of your board; you will use it to know what has to be done and keep track of those who have to do it. For this, we recommend creating a tag for each member of your family, this way you will know who has to do what just by looking at the color of the tag you see in the respective card for the activity.

On the other hand, you have the last column, the “Event” list, here you will coordinate every non-usual event on your housekeeping or special spoils you want to make to your family.

Once you are done, your board should look a little bit like this:

We recommend using the checklists when you set the grocery shopping cards, this way you are also attaching the shop list, which can be really helpful.

What Can Children Do?

Most people wonder how to make child active in the housekeeping activities

Now the best way to do that is by bringing some incentives to the kids, being nice to them when working with the earlier ages is helpful a nurses them.

But is very important to understand that just like you, they have competencies, and there are things that they can and can’t do.

To make this easier, we narrowed down to a list of the five best jobs you can give your children at home according to their age.

When 4 or less

  • Clear the table
  • Take care of the pets
  • Do the table
  • Water the plants
  • Clean or sweep

When 5 to 7

  • Clear the table
  • Take care of the pets
  • Do the table
  • Help cooking
  • Help with the garden

When 8 to 10

  • Clear the table
  • Take care of the pets
  • Do the table
  • Take out the trash
  • Clear the dishwasher

When 11 to 13

  • Clear the table
  • Take care of the pets
  • Do the table
  • Take out the trash
  • Clear the dishwasher

When 14 to 17

  • Clear the table
  • Take care of the pets
  • Clear the dishwasher
  • Do the garden
  • Do the laundry

If you take this into consideration, you won’t overwhelm your kids with home activities, keep in mind that they are still children, and have other responsibilities such as school, and other extracurricular activities. Having your kids to help at home is a very productive way to ease your burden, and also teach them about responsibility from early ages.

Some Advice

Now that you know how to use Restyaboard to organize your family activities, and have a nice list of to-do’s for your kids, we are going to give you some additional advice to keep your house in order.

  • Include as a reward some whole family time every week or every two weeks, this will help you get more in touch with all members of your family, also take note of what everyone likes and do something as in the middle as possible.
  • Use the Restyaboard calendar to schedule your holidays, birthdays and social events.
  • Make sure you distribute the work equally so no one gets overwhelmed.

We hope all this information is of use to you, and now you know how to use Restyaboard to organize your family activities, what jobs to delegate on your kids and some extra tips, tell us in the comments, How was your experience? What other activities you would add to our list?